2017 Porn Movie With Young Women Who Like To Fuck From Behind

2017 Porn Movie With Young Women Who Like To Fuck From Behind

Everybody makes mistakes. I made a doozy. I should have kept my go bag elsewhere. It's actually a locked trunk that I kept locked in the trunk of my car. When I lived in St. Louis, I kept it in a rented storage locker. After I moved to Columbus, I just got complacent, probably because Dan became more comfortable with my private life. Ever since I had enlisted in the Last Wives Club, I had been careful to keep that side of my life behind lock and key. Unfortunately, I was doing laundry one day and I moved the mask box out to get the stockings that were smeared with Gabriel's cum. Then I set a blanket on the box and forgot it was there. I missed it when I put the stockings back and locked the trunk. I went out to the garage on a Saturday morning and found that I had a flat tire. I had to get the twins to a soccer game, so I borrowed Dan's car. Maddie came with me to watch the game and Dan said he would get the flat fixed. This meant that he would have to put the spare on the car to take the flat tire for repair. He new about my locked box and I trusted him not to open it. But I forgot that the mask box was loose in the trunk where he would have to get the spare. He was gone when I got home, but he soon brought the car back and I thought all was good. In the bedroom that night, he pulled the box out of his closet, opened it, showed me the mask, and said, "I want to meet the woman who wears this." 'Oh Christ,' I thought. 'This is not happening.' Clearly, he knew it was mine. At least he thought he knew it was mine. He hadn't actually seen anything but a mask. It was time for Cate Confidence to make an entrance. "I don't think that will happen, Dan. That mask belongs to a very dear friend. I'm keeping it for her, so her husband doesn't find it." "Do I know her?" "I don't think so, Dan. I can't imagine where you would have met." Dan got a crushed look on his face. He wasn't sure whether I was refusing him or telling the truth. He thought he had caught me, but maybe Cate Confidence had thrown him. "I'll tell you what, Dan. You have a five-day business trip next week. We both know what that means. I'll ask her. She hasn't wanted to meet you before, I think she wanted to protect me from that. But maybe she will change her mind, now that you've seen half of her face." I was winging it, of course, but I had been planning on sending a gift to him on Wednesday while he was away. I had found that it always made him more happy to come home from a long business trip if he got a visit from a sister when his need was high. I tried not to let that bother me, but it still did. The hurt diminished a little each time, but it was still there. I was always happy to see him again, and our best sex was usually 'welcome back sex'. When I journeyed on sisterhood business, and had sex with someone else, Dan was also very happy when I came home and I always looked forward to seeing him, despite the tiny twinges of guilt I still felt. There was still a very sore spot in my heart, but I knew that it would hurt more to give up my lovers. With Kyra and Claire, I usually had comfort sex. When one of us needed comforting, sex just made that better. With Gabe, the sex was great. He took me the way I wanted to be taken, without the coarseness of Benedict. But he was properly respectful when we talked business and I enjoyed sipping good scotch with him while discussing how best to achieve our common goals. I had long before acknowledged to myself that I was at least part of the cause of Dan's first infidelity. My insecurities, inhibitions, and unrealistic expectations had imposed an unappealing existence on him. And I certainly hadn't fixed anything by the time of his second. Kyra had made that clear when she fucked him and found him to be a good lay, and not the lousy lover I had wanted to blame him for being. And the profile that emerged from the sisters that I had gifted to him shamed me, but through it, I learned what worked for him, if only I could find the strength to be what worked for him. I had even acknowledged that infidelity is not such a bad thing. I certainly enjoyed it. I had come to the conclusion that relentless monogamy is a made-up concept. It's not natural. There is too much evidence against it to believe that it is. It is nothing more than marginally useful for maintaining a beneficial stability for raising children and providing for old age security. But we have romanticized it as essential, when it does not need to be. Two things that the timesince we had negotiated our re-nup had taught me were that I still loved him, and that it did become easier to share him with other women. I was having all the sexual fun that I needed with another man and with my two best girlfriends. I had even vetted a mistress for Dan. A black card sister who clandestinely gave him relief mid-week when I was least receptive. And now, Dan had made it clear that he wanted to see the most personal expression of the woman I had become. I couldn't blame him for being curious. I had left him when I was deeply wounded and I had come back as someone he didn't know. I had shattered his belief that he had a vanilla wife, but I hadn't really let him taste my new flavors. There were still things that I couldn't bring myself to do with him, but I wanted to. In the trunk of my car, Dan had found the one thing that I still wanted to keep from him. I absolutely did not want him to see me in my mask. It had become so personal to me, so symbolic of Mrs. Cate (Confidence) Blanc, that I could not imagine showing that face to the one man who could never earn it. In short, I did not want to send that woman as a gift to him. I wanted him to be happy, but not with that woman. That woman, the woman who found the courage to reveal herself to Gabriel MacAdams in order to close the tender trap, was my gift to my sisters. She delivered my payment for all that the sisterhood had done for me. The truth was, I hadn't even used my mask in months, not since the night with Gabe. I had no need for gaining experience with other men while I found a new wife for Gabe. I met with him several times until we found a suitable candidate from the many who jumped at the chance to be his pretend-wife. The sex was great every time. I was glad when I heard that his new wife was expecting. It was wonderful to see him so happy, and so grateful for the care I had taken to find someone that I thought he could love, as well as raise their children with. I tried to think of how to make Dan's Wednesday night gift extra special without involving my mask. That is how I came to be where I am now, walking up to the elevator that will take me to his hotel room. Until now, I've been recording my history with the sisterhood in the past tense. What follows is a transcript of my thoughts on this night, the night I gift myself to the man who betrayed his vows to me. I forgave him long ago, but now I am ready to thank him for not simply getting fed up and leaving me. I'm wearing the red burqa that I wore the night I was so wonderfully and brutally fucked by Benedict. I'm also wearing the same heels and the same stockings. This outfit is almost as symbolic as my mask and trenchcoat. It hid my identity from the first man I had fucked outside of my marriage. Benedict's cock had pierced some of my biggest inhibitions. It seems only fitting that I wear it while I let Dan take a stab at my last inhibitions. Dan had sometimes received gifts who preferred burqas and others had worn trenchcoats and masks. Unlike some sisters' husbands, he didn't seem to have a preference. So I know he won't be surprised when he opens the door to find a woman wearing one. But of course, I don't expect to get through the night without him knowing who I am. Not even Cate Confidence could hope to have sex with her own husband and keep him from recognizing her. I have the normal naked-but-invisible feeling as I walk through the hotel. I go straight to his room and I knock on the door precisely at nine PM. He opens it and I see the look of disappointment on his face and decide not to torture him by remaining silent. Perhaps I am afraid that he really will not recognize me by sight alone. "Good evening, Sir. Your loving wife has sent me as a gift. The gift you requested is unavailable. Hopefully, I am an acceptable substitute." The looks on his face are priceless. First is a look of recognition as he hears my voice. That is followed by a look of happiness beyond my wildest hopes. "Cathy? "It's Cate, Sir. May I come in?" I am grinning like a fool behind the veil. He looks confused at first, but then realizes that this game is not entirely under his control. "Of course, Cate. Sorry, I mistook you for someone else." I step in and he closes the door. "Perhaps you were expecting someone else, Sir?" "My wife has never disappointed me before, I'm sure tonight will be no exception. It's clear that she always takes great care with her selections." "Speaking from personal experience, many of the sisters who send gifts clearly love their husbands very much." I had just informed him that I had 'many' experiences as a gift, if he knew how to read behind the lines. He is clearly processing my words and coming to the correct conclusion. He doesn't have to know that only 9 men had ever seen me in my mask, and one of those worked in the store I bought it from. "I... think that perhaps I finally understand. It is good to have many generous sisters." Good. He understands. "Shall we start with me sucking your cock, Sir?" This was how all the gift sessions had started. I had followed Kyra's lead and told all the gifts that he liked head and then, after a suitable time to recharge, he liked tail. "Is the gift specific or may I request something else?" I'm not prepared for going off script. I wonder what he's playing at, and I feel a twinge of excitement in my pussy, which to this point has barely been awake. I decide to see what he has in mind. "You may request what you would like, Sir. There are limits to what I will do, but you will not know until you ask." He takes the two chairs from the room's table and sets them facing each other. He invites me to sit in one. The room is brightly lit and he knows about my aversion to being naked in bright light, but he leaves all of the lamps on. He also doesn't tell me to call him something other than 'Sir'. Every other husband that I had been gifted to, had preferred to be called by their first na
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me. He's content to hear me being deferential. He sits in the other chair and says, "Please, expose yourself." "Yes, Sir." I feel a rush of excitement, anticipating what he might request. He has retaken some control of the game. I pull up the hem of my dress as he unzips his trousers and pulls them and his boxers down. "I want to watch you give yourself an orgasm." Oh, God. This is what I both hoped for and feared. It isn't too embarrassing to rub my nubbin in front of a woman, or while I'm anonymous and with a man, especially while receiving some cock, but here in front of my husband, knowing that he knows who I am under this red tent, I feel myself blushing and I'm almost frozen with reluctance. But I see him grasp his cock and begin to stroke it. That makes it easier. Confidence, Cate, confidence. I pull one arm inside the burqa and begin to play with one of my nipples, gently pulling it and twisting it. By doing this first, I feel I have retaken some initiative. With my other hand, I stroke up and down my thigh with my other hand, getting closer and closer to my pussy. I brush against it and involuntarily moan. With each stroke up my thigh, I add a long stroke of my three fingertips from the bottom of my slit to the top, rubbing my middle finger deeper and deeper each time, coating it thoroughly with my juices. I get an idea and slip my middle finger deep into my hole. "Ahhhhhhh." It is thoroughly coated with my sauce as I bring it up and put it into the slit in my veil, and then into my mouth. "Mmmmmm." Dan stokes his cock faster, clearly surprised and excited by what he is seeing. I put my hand back on my pussy and rub my middle finger around my clit, starting with wide circles and gradually getting closer. I touch my clit for the first time and my whole body jerks from the sudden jolt of pleasure. I can't hold back now. I rub it faster as I watch Dan's hand become a blur on his cock. "Unh!" he grunts as his hand stops and cum shoots up out of his cock, landing in a long string from one of his nipples to just above his pubic hair. He starts stroking again and thick globs of it spray onto his belly until his strokes slow and only a tiny bit oozes slowly out. I knew he would come quickly, because he always does, and because I did my best to shock it out of him, but I speed my fingers up and suddenly, I'm coming, too, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. I slow my pace and shudder each time my finger crosses over my clit until the moment comes when I have to pull my finger away. A long string of my syrupy nectar stretches out between my fingertip and my slit and then snaps. Dan watches fascinated until I lower the hem and stick my other arm back out through the sleeve. "May I clean you, Sir." "Yeah! Sure, Cathy." "Cate, Sir." I slide to my knees on the floor between his legs and open the slit of my veil again. I lick the cum from his cock, not caring that some gets on the veil. When his cock is fully limp and clean, I lick the rest of his load from his belly and chest, swallowing it and, perhaps for the first time, actually enjoying it. "That was fantastic, Cathy." "Cate. And thank you, Sir." "It will take me a while to be ready again." "The night is young, Sir, and I'm sure we can think of things to do in the meantime. How about you crawl into the bed while I pour us a drink." I don't think he realized it, but I had just said the same words to him that Kyra had said soon after she had swallowed his cum. As he climbs into the bed, I pull a flask from the pocket of my burqa and pour three fingers each into two of the cheap plastic hotel cups. It isn't the Taliskers. It isn't even a single malt. It isn't even scotch. Dan prefers cognac and this came from one of his bottles of XO. I give the drink to him and crawl in beside him. I sit in the crook of his arm as he lays against the headboard. "Are you happy, Cath... sorry, Cate?" "At the moment, very happy, Sir." "I mean in general." "I believe, Sir, that happiness is something to be pursued. Moments like this are special. Idiots are generally happy. People like me, people who prefer to live purposeful lives, generally have to be content with... well, contentment." He laughs and lifts his plastic glass. "Here's to contentment." I touch mine to his and don't even care that there is no satisfying clink. We sip together. I realize with joy that romantic love is still something we have and still something we can hope to have for a long time to come. I decide to visit him like this on occasion, but to keep sending other women as gifts so that he'll never know when to expect me. After snuggling silently for a while, basking in contentment, he caresses a nipple through the cloth of my burqa. It responds and I look down to see that his cock is growing. I take my last sip and set my cup down. With a fingertip, I gently stroke the underside of his cock as it lays against his belly. I realize that for many years I had taken it for granted, until I almost lost it and the wonderful man attached to it. I learned since then, that sharing it did not diminish it, or the wonderful man attached to it. It is mine for the evening and it is time to put it to use. I lift the hem of my dress and straddle Dan's hips, guiding his hard cock into me. I roll my hips and it responds, getting harder and filling me. Not stretching me to capacity like Gabe's, but comforting me. Dan's hands come under the hem and up to my breasts. I feel my nipples harden in his fingertips. I feel a lustful burning grow in my belly. I would be content to keep riding his cock until it erupted. Perhaps I would come and perhaps not, but that wouldn't matter. I want Dan to know that I have changed and that I have forgiven him for straying. I have a way to do that. I take a deep breath and find the courage. "Would Sir like to fuck me from behind?" "Would Cate like that?" "If it pleases Sir, it is one of Cate's favorites." "Then yes, Sir would be very pleased." I roll off him and he rolls to the side so I can position myself in the center of the bed. I gather the hem of my dress and pull it up over my ass, bringing another of the surprises I had planned for him into his view. I have a butt plug in my ass, the same plug that Claire had given me. "What's this, Cate?" "Your wife included something extra special with this gift, Sir, a chance to have something no man has ever had. Would Sir like to pull the plug and replace it with his cock?" "Um, you're serious?" "Yes, Sir. This gift has been reserved for you only." Arching my back to push my ass out at him. I grab the headboard with one hand as he takes the hem and lifts it all the way to my shoulders, draping it over them so that my entire back remains exposed. Sliding his cock between my thighs, he snugs up close and caresses both nipples. I reach between my thighs and guide his cock into my pussy. We slowly grind like that, as the feeling of his hands on my breasts brings a fresh flow of honey from me. I rub my smooth mound with my palm while holding his cock in me. His hands drop down and I feel the plug being slowly pulled from my ass, then pushed back in. He repeats this several times, until my tight hole relaxes and stays open. I wonder where he learned that trick, but I'm very glad that he did. When I change the arch of my back as his cock leaves my pussy, he pushes it easily into my anus. The real thing feels much better than a plug, and Dan's is just the right size for my ass. He grabs my hips and holds them tight as his legs slap against me. His cock is penetrating deep with each thrust now. I rub my clit as I feel my breasts rocking back and forth. My nipples tingle from rubbing against the dress. "Yes, fuck me, Sir. Fuck my ass. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Faster and faster he thrusts, and faster and faster my fingers rub my clit. The burn in my belly releases and I come. Wonderful warmth flows through my whole body. More wonderful warmth bursts out from his cock into my ass as he groans with pleasure. I feel the shudders of his whole body as his cum flows into me. My fingers circle my clit ever slower as they wring the last of my orgasm from me. I feel his cock slip from my grasp and my hole slowly closes. "Ah, fuck, Cathy. That was fantastic." I giggle like a schoolgirl. It's a fake playful giggle that I use when I'm being facetious. "It's Cate, Sir." He chuckles. "Yes, Cate. Thank you. And please convey my thanks to my dear wife." "It will be my pleasure to do that, Sir. I'm sure it pleases her to learn that her gifts are well received, and very well satisfied." "Please, Cate. Did she tell you why she gave me this special gift?" "I asked her that sir and her reply was only one word. Gratitude." He rolls to the side and I get off the bed and move quickly toward the door. Apparently bewildered, he asks, "Where are you going, Cate?" "The gift has been delivered and received, Sir. I must sleep before my day job and I must catch a plane to get there in time." I get out of the room before he can stop me. Leaving behind only his empty liquor flask, the butt plug, and the wetness of our lovemaking on his shrinking cock. The old Cathy would have insisted on snuggling after sex, to enjoy the afterglow and avoid feeling used only for his pleasure. I haven't even kissed him on this night. I quickly dress beneath the burqa in the hotel parking lot, so the security cameras don't record too much. I drive away, still under the veil, but strip that off at the first stop sign. The new Cate is content to enjoy the afterglow in her rental car, knowing that her husband is imagining her driving to the airport with his cum in her ass. The private jet whisks me into the air. I place a call. "Well, how was it, Mrs. Blanc?" "It was very special, Claire. I'm glad I saved it for him. Thank you for encouraging me." "Did you leave the plug behind like you planned?" "Yes. I wonder if I'll ever see it again." "I'd bet half my NQA that you do." "Not taking that bet, sweetie. You're sitting on a small fortune." "Rags to riches, thanks to bitches." "Amen, sister. See you tomorrow night?" "It's a playdate." Author's Note: I have run out of material and must get back to my lovers to generate more. The amount of effort that it takes to write stories of this quality is exhausting. Please don't be sad. Catherine Geroux is an enjoyable character to write about. I'm sure she will return when the bug strikes. Thank you all for the kind comments and votes.

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