Sex of all kinds with a young black woman with flakes

Sex of all kinds with a young black woman with flakes

Javon's parents sold a company that they had started and built for years. They are now wealthy, but still want to live a normal life. He is their only child who was born later in their lives. Although spoiled as a child, his parents raised him to be a responsible adult. He and his family moved to Miami to escape the cold Chicago winters. Javon's first week was spent at a hotel right across the street from South Beach.Javon's first sexual experience was with a woman named Josie and her stepdaughter, whom he met on the beach. That night he had sex with the stepdaughter. Later, he and Josie also had sex, multiple times. Josie was twelve years his senior. At the tender age of eighteen, he became a devotee of sex with older women.Javon's strong desire for older women flourished with Holly Thakland. Holly was Javon's parent's real estate agent. Although Holly was in her early forties, she had the body and looks of a much younger woman. Javon liked her big tits and when she accidently gave him a shot of her pantyless crotch, he promised himself he would fuck her. She was reluctant at first, but when he implied that a new agent may be needed, she gave in. Needless to say, he fucked her very well and she was happy to give him all the pussy he wanted.*****I was in a big silver tube, 35,000 feet above the earth, cruising through the sky at 500 MPH. I was distraught and angry, and it all had to do with my cheating husband Jack Nelson.Jack and I met at university when we were working on our PHDs. We both had MSISPM degrees and we hit it off from day one. I guess we could be called nerds, but that would be completely wrong. Jack and I were real hellions most of the time. At parties, we usually ended up being the life of the party. We love to dance and we have met many interesting people that way. I don't think there is a dance step that we don't know. We use dance to stay physically fit. It is a lot more fun than the grind of exercising in a gym. We also lift weights, at home, just for muscle tone.Jack and I finished our Ph.D. programs and we joined together to form our own company as partners. With our knowledge of Cyber Security, we didn't have to devote much effort to find clients. They were practically begging us to consult with them. In today's cyber climate, our partnership prospered.About five years ago Jack asked me to marry him. I was very hesitant at first because Jack is a player. During the time we dated, he was having affairs with various women. He acknowledged that he would probably cheat on me and I could have other men if I wanted. He convinced me that marriage would be good for us, even if it was open. I finally agreed, knowing there would be other women in Jack's bed.Jack and I had a great time together. He needed me and I needed him. I ignored his cheating because I really believe he loves me. He has always been the kind and generous man that any woman would want. His quirk, he needs strange pussy now and then. He has never had an STD, he has never impregnated any woman. He does not discuss his extra-marital exploits with me and I do not want to hear about them either.My life, with Jack, was great until I came home from the office early one afternoon. I heard noises upstairs and went up to investigate. I dreaded the thought of what I already knew, Jack had broken the golden rule and had a woman in our bed. I screamed bloody murder for her to get out of my house. She smirked at me and said, "C'Mon honey, crawl in here and let's have some fun."I knew this tramp, she was my friend's sister. She knows me and still has the balls to fuck my husband in my bed. I lost my temper and I beat the hell out of her. She grabbed her clothes and ran naked down the stairs and left. I walked over to my husband and slapped his face once, turned and walked away. I didn't say a word, he knew he had screwed up royally. I packed a small carry-on suitcase, I needed to get out of here for awhile.I was still pissed when I called my secretary. I had her book me a one-way first class ticket to Miami, ASAP. I told her to book a beach hotel for me also and text me the name and address. She called me back twenty minutes later with the flight information. I had just enough time to get to O'hare and make the flight. Uber had a ride at my house in five minutes, I was on my way.I calmed down on the ride to the airport. I would be at home and happy, if he had just taken the bitch to a hotel. I couldn't believe that my husband was so stupid to fuck that whore in my bed. When she asked me to 'join them', I lost it. I'm sure my friend Sylvia will hear about how her sister screwed my husband and in my bed. She'll probably have a few words to say to her about that.I printed my boarding pass and headed for TSA security. After security, I had to hurry to make the gate for my flight. Most passengers had already boarded when I handed my pass to the agent."Welcome aboard, Ms. Nelson, please have a nice flight to Miami."I walked down the ramp and into the plane. The male flight attendant stored my bag and I took my seat.The flight was uneventful, the man sitting next to me didn't want to talk. He had his nose in his reader. That was fine with me, I wasn't in a very talkative mood anyway. After deplaning, I shut off airplane mode on my cell and there was a text message from my secretary. She had booked me a beachfront suite on South Beach. I opened my Uber app and entered the address, there was a ride waiting for me at the pickup point.The ride was over and I was standing in the lobby of a very nice hotel. It was late evening and the hotel restaurant was closed. I was hungry so I decided to take my luggage up to my suite and then go out to the beach and find a sandwich place. My room was very nice and it did have a nice beach front view. I changed into shorts and blouse and headed out.The evening was warm and the beach sands were still very warm. I wiggled my toes in the sand as I looked for a place to eat. I spotted a small restaurant just down the street from the hotel. I walked over and ate a light meal then proceeded back to my hotel. I planned on a relaxing day tomorrow, lots of beach time and sun. I made sure I had packed my bikini, I was going to enjoy my time alone.I woke up at 9:00 AM, I don't remember that last time that I had slept in so late. I opened the drapes and let the sunshine flood my room. I stretched and yawned, then headed for the bathroom. I drew myself a hot bath and soaked in the tub until the water cooled. It sure felt nice to just relax. I no longer was pissed at my husband. I was very disappointed in him for bringing a woman into our house. I'm sure now that he will never do that again.After soaking I showered. For some unknown reason, I paid special attention to my crotch. The warm water, the soap and my fingers rubbing on my vulva was making me horny. I quickly finished drying myself off and lay down on my bed. I wanted to masturbate and bring myself to a satisfying orgasm. I lightly rubbed my clit, I was teasing myself and my pussy started to get wet.I thought of my husband and his cock. I fantasized that my man was fucking me. As my sexual feelings increased, I thought of other men's cocks and what they would feel like inside of me. I was starting to build for my first orgasm today. I was almost there, but just short of a full orgasm when I thought of that woman in my bed. How she said, "come join us". I wondered what that would be like. I never had thought about having sex with a woman, but the thought of having a woman go down on me tipped me over the cliff. I had a fantastic orgasm that lasted for at least fifteen seconds, maybe longer.I relaxed, my pussy was relaxed and I felt very good, if not a little tired from the exertion. I was a little surprised that I had thought of another woman going down on me. I have no lesbian tendencies and had never thought of cunnilingus. I still love my man even if he trashed our marriage bed. He eats me out all the time and I suck his cock just as much, but a woman and me? I just don't see that in the cards.I was hungry again. I dressed in shorts and a halter and took the elevator to the lobby. I ate a small breakfast of one egg, one slice of bacon and one slice of toast. That was enough to satisfy my hunger.I went back up to my room to change into my bikini. After I stripped I looked in the full-length mirror, at my body. "Not bad for thirty-four," I said to myself. My tits are still pointed, and slope outward, like bananas. My nipples have always been puffy, many times to my embarrassment. I can't walk through the frozen food section without my nipples pushing out and being very obvious to everyone. My waist and hips have the right dimensions. My ass isn't flat but nicely rounded. I've been patted a few times by men who are appreciative. I don't condone such behavior and a stinging rebuke has brought forth apologies.My legs are, what I feel, my best asset. They are long and slim, like a ballet dancer's legs, strong yet so feminine. I like the look of them when Jack and I are dancing. Videos of me twirling, my skirt lifted, tells me how well they look. I shook my head, I wonder why Jack would even think of jeopardizing our marriage. I finished dressing for the beach. I looked again in the mirror and saw a very attractive woman, with a very sexy body, ready for the beach.I looked out my window at the beach and saw quite a few people there. I grabbed a beach towel along with my beach necessities and took the elevator down. There was a nice breeze coming off the ocean. The smell of salt water brought back memories of past cruises that Jack and I had been on. I walked across the street and picked out a small section of beach that was unoccupied. I spread out my towel and sat down to look at the crowd.There was the normal bunch of moms with their kids. A few teenage boys acting like teenage boys act. A few young girls along with teenage girls. I noticed that my bikini was dated, I would have to buy a new one and soon. Some of the moms had on some very revealing string bikinis and they looked very hot. If anyone could look hot in a bikini, it was me. I promised myself an afternoon shopping trip.I set my cell phone timer for fifteen minutes and lay down face up. As soon as it chimed, I reset it for another fifteen minutes and lay face down. Almost immediately I felt that I was being watched. It didn't bother me, but I wanted to see who it was. I sat up and there was this young black man walking by me. It couldn't be him, he wasn't even looking my way. He was handsome, a very ripped body and tall. My eyes rested on the front of his loose fitting swimsuit. The wind was blowing it tight against his body and I could not help but see the bulge that must be his cock. A big package is all that I could think of.He noticed me looking at him and he smiled and waved. I waved back and he walked away, further down the beach. Was he looking at me? Did he give me the feeling of being watched? I asked myself those questions. I was intrigued by him and I didn't know the reason why.He stopped and it looked like he was having a conversation with a woman. I could see her shake her head and he walked away. Not too many steps away he approached another woman and was talking with her. This conversation lasted about twenty minutes. She reached out to him and he helped her to her feet and they walked off the beach. That's interesting, is he picking up older women. Maybe he is one of those men, like they have in Jamaica, who prey on older lonely women. The women pay the guys to fuck them. Oh well, each to her own, I would never pay to be fucked.It was close to noon so I went to the hotel and dressed for the day. I had a nice salad and then I walked looking for a shop that sold bikinis. I spotted one, so I went in and looked. Nothing jumped out at me so I left. A few doors away was another bikini store and all they sold was bikinis. I went in this store and there were so many different styles, I was lost. A salesgirl asked if I needed help. I told her what I was looking for and she took me right to the rack.Because I have colored my hair platinum blond, I limit myself to black, red or green color swimsuits. There was a sharp open mesh triangle bikini that I wanted to try on. The salesgirl pointed out a few more styles and I took three to try on. I tried on the mesh suit first. It was very sexy and I could see my nipples and areola through the mesh. I will definitely buy this one. I tried on a micro bikini. The little patches covered my nipples, but most of my breasts were exposed. The bottom triangle just covered my vulva, if I spread my legs, it slipped into my slit. That one was very daring and it hit the buy pile also.I bought the two bikinis along with a cotton swim parka and left. After arriving at my room, I washed and hung up the two suits. I would be wearing one of them tomorrow.I wondered what Jack was doing right now. His text to me asked where I was and was I safe. I replied I was safe, but I didn't tell him where I was. Let him wonder for a few days. He asked if he could call me to talk, I replied, "No." I knew he would have the answer as to where I was before the week was out. Eventually, he would ask my secretary and she would tell him. I was okay with that.I watched TV for awhile. TV was boring so I switched to see what was available for movies. I had seen most of them so I viewed the sex movie titles. I guess that most of these would be rated NC-17. Two titles intrigued me. I bought the first one and settled back in my easy chair to watch. The story plot was very similar to what I was experiencing right now. The husband was caught cheating and his wife left town to have a good time. Her adventures with the men she picked up were all sex. There were four different scenes, three with men and one scene girl on girl. I didn't know why but the lesbian scene got my motor running. I was horny after that scene. I was sitting in my panties and bra, so I slipped my panty crotch to the side and rubbed my cunt. I was very wet and my fingers slipped right into my pussy. I masturbated until I came.The second movie started. The girl on girl scene started this movie. After the girls kissed and sucked each other's tits, they finger fucked. First, one girl over the other and then they switched positions. The second girl was really pounding her fingers into the first girl. This scene was making me hot all over again. I wanted to cum again. I rubbed my clit slowly, I was enjoying the sensations.The girl getting finger fucked had an orgasm. I was pretty sure it was real, her body reacted like it was. Now there was a surprise in the movie, the camera panned over to a black man sitting in a chair. He was dressed, but had his huge cock out and was slipping his hand up and down on the shaft. I couldn't believe the size of that man's black cock. How could a woman take it into her without pain?The two girls jumped off the bed and dropped to their knees in front of the black man. One girl started to suck him off while the other girl played with his huge balls. This went on for a couple of minutes before he picked up the first girl and laid her on the bed. He ate her pussy while the second girl straddled the girl's face. The man was now ready to fuck the first girl. He spread her legs wide, her vagina was open and inviting. He positioned his cock at her opening and pressed his hips forward. Her pussy spread and his cockhead disappeared. She took his cock with no problems.My pussy was wet from seeing this. I wondered if I could have taken his cock. Just thinking of him fucking me made my juices flow. My pussy was wet, even on the outside. I was kind of wishing Jack was here to fuck me. I pushed two of my fingers into my pussy, that didn't satisfy me, I pushed three fingers in, that was better. I was friggin myself hard when the black dude's cock disappeared into her cunt. She had taken his whole huge cock in. As they fucked I could see white foam on his black cock. She was sure leaking a lot of pussy juices onto him. He suddenly pulled out and I watched as her cunt slowly closed after being so stretched by his cock. Her pussy was all red, she was swollen from all the blood pumped into her labia. She licked his cock clean and kissed his cockhead.Now he grabbed the second girl and tossed her onto her back. He didn't play around with her like he did the first girl, he lifted her legs high and aimed his cock. In one swift move, he was buried deep in her. I reversed the movie and watched her face as he rammed his cock into her. Her face showed pain, probably fake, just for the movie. I rammed my fingers into my cunt while I rubbed hard on my clit. I was building for an orgasm. He was now pounding her pussy. She was moaning and twisting her ass like she was enjoying being fucked. I rubbed harder, I wanted to cum hard. He sped up his fucking action, suddenly he growled, rammed his cock deep and cum in her cunt. I tweaked my clit while fantasizing that he was cumming in my cunt. That did it and I had a leg stiffening orgasm. My whole body tingled, especially my legs. I watched as he pulled his cock from her cunt. Her pussy was stretched and wide, I saw his cum inside her.I was jealous of her, why couldn't I have been the one he was fucking. I was becoming horny for cock. I would buy me a dildo tomorrow for sure. I would buy a big black dong and fantasize a black man was fucking me. First thing tomorrow after my beach time.I was tired now and I had no problem falling to sleep. I did dream of having sex. I was being used by many men, I was the object of a gangbang. As soon as one man cum in me, another would take his place. I was full of cum and whenever a new man stuck his cock in me, the cum would squirt out around his cock. A man with a huge cock was between my legs. His cock was the size of a baseball bat. He rammed it into me, I screamed and woke up. My pussy was wet, my crotch was all wet, the bed sheet was wet. I had to think, was it real or a dream. No men in my room, just a fantastic fantasy dream. I lay back and immediately fell back to sleep.I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for the beach. I stripped the bed, the maid would replace the sheets with fresh ones. After a quick shower, I tried on my new open mesh bikini. I could see my nipples and areolas but mostly they were obscured. I tried on the bikini bottom, my landing strip was a bit too long, so I shaved it shorter and tried again. Perfect, you could just see a hint of the strip and my labia. I was ready for the beach. I covered up with the swim parka and headed for the beach.I found a food stand and ordered a sandwich and coffee. I sat and watched the people on the beach. I didn't know the beach was topless until I saw a few younger women that way. I don't think I can do that, I would be too self-conscious. My food arrived and I ate. I was really enjoying myself, being alone was what I needed. I might just take my future vacations as a single. With no husband to worry about, I could do what I want and when I want.I left the stand and walked north along the beach. In one area of the beach there seemed to be many gay people. I was carrying my robe now and I heard a few appreciative comments from both guys and gals. One woman approached me and asked if I would like to join her and her friends. I declined but left the option open for maybe another day. I wanted cock, not pussy. I turned around and
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headed back down the beach. I took my sandals off and walked through the surf. The sea water felt good on my feet. nice and cool. I went in a little deeper until the water was over my ankles. The waves were almost non-existent and never reached my knees.When I approached the area where I was yesterday, I spread out my towel and laid down. The day was still young and the sun was not at its peak, but I still used sunscreen. I was applying the sunscreen when the same young black man, that I saw yesterday, came up to me."Hello," he said. "Can I help you do that? I know from experience that two people are needed to properly apply that. You can't be too careful with beautiful skin like yours."What he said about my skin was nice. "Sure, you can help me," I said. "Where do you want to start?""How about your shoulders and then I will move to your back."He took the sunscreen bottle and squeezed a fair amount into the palm of his hand. The lotion felt cool as he rubbed it on me. His hands were very soft and it felt like I was getting a soft massage. He squeezed more lotion into his hand and worked his way down my back. He was doing a good job of relaxing me. I wanted him to keep going and do my butt, but I was sitting on it. He added more lotion and rubbed it onto my arms. Now I could see his face and I looked at him. He looked at me and when our eyes met, I felt a little tingle in my body. He was very handsome and his smile would melt a stone. He may be young, but he knows how to handle a woman."What's your name?" I asked. "Mine is Marcie.""Javon," he replied. "Do you come here to the beach often?""No, I live in Chicago and I'm down here for a few days, just getting away from the rat race there.""No kidding, I'm from there originally. My parents moved here last year. I live here with them while I'm taking a year off from school. This fall, I will enter college. What do you do? Are you a model? You sure could be one."A model? Is this kid trying to butter me up for something? Another notch on his "Cougar gun"?"My husband and I own a cybersecurity consulting firm. No, I'm not a model, but thank you for the compliment.""Gosh, small world. My parents sold their firm there. Have you heard of IT Solutions of Chicago? That was their company.""Heard of them? Yes, and we worked with them on a few of their client's projects. You're right, it is a small world."We talked awhile while he finished up rubbing sunscreen on me."Lie on the towel so I can do the back of your legs." It sounded almost like a command.I rolled over and he went to work on my legs, starting with my feet. As he worked his way up, I started to really like what he was doing. I felt a little horny now and I hoped he wouldn't stop. Closer and closer his fingers approached my pussy. I was getting wet now. His hands were like magic and when he massaged my ass cheeks I was in heaven. Believe it or not, if he kept this up I was going to invite him to my room.A few more minutes and Javon was done. I rolled over and looked at his face. He smiled and I smiled back, it seemed there was an unspoken bond between us. I didn't know why, but I was powerfully attracted to him. Maybe his young age, maybe the color of his skin, maybe because I knew he had a big cock, maybe all three."Marcie, your top lets the sun through and it will burn your breasts along with the pattern of the mesh. Let me remove that and put sunscreen on your boobs."There it is, he either is looking for a cheap thrill or he is going to try to seduce me. I'll let him do what he wants and see where this goes, I'm game."Okay, I don't want to burn there, that's for sure," I said as I reached back and untied my top from around my neck. I then untied the back and my top fell into my lap. Javon pushed me back and filled his palm with lotion. He worked the sunscreen into my boobs very carefully. My nipples were hard and Javon used his fingers to slather them with lotion. He was working the lotion into my skin and I was enjoying his efforts. This guy was getting me worked up. He may be young but he's good.Javon was working his hands down over my belly. He pulled the tie string at my left hip and then untied the right hip. He lifted my bikini bottom and I was exposed. Javon loaded his palm again and rubbed the sunscreen into my pubic area. Soon he was rubbing my pussy. I wanted him to continue, but there was a couple walking our way. He redid my bottom before they could see me nude. I was really horny now. As soon as they passed, his hand was back, rubbing my pussy. His fingers were now working my clit. Sensations were rocketing through my body. My mind was turning to mush, I wanted to be fucked."Marcie, I would like to make love to you. If I'm being too bold, just tell me."I answered him by taking his hand. "Come, let's go to my hotel room. We will be more comfortable there with no prying eyes."I couldn't believe that I was doing this. Javon had a way about him that broke down all my defenses. He had me around his little finger. I had a feeling I would be around his middle finger shortly. I slipped my swim robe on, which effectively covered my nudity and we crossed the street and entered the hotel. The elevator was empty as we rode it up. Javon put his arms around me and kissed me. His lips were so soft and inviting. Javon was going to be the first black man to ever be with me. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I hoped that I would measure up to his standards, which I was sure were very high.The elevator stopped with a jerk and we were soon standing in front of my suite's door. I knew this was my last chance to back away and tell him that I didn't want him to fuck me. I threw caution to the wind and threw my door open. Javon stepped through and pulled me into his arms. We kissed and I felt his tongue working its way into my mouth. I opened my mouth to receive him. I was now his to do with as he felt. I was totally submissive to his desires, whatever they may be.My robe was taken off me very gently. Javon placed it on the couch. I was standing totally nude in front of him. His eyes traveled from my toes to a wisp of high standing hair on top of my head."You are so beautiful. Your figure is so perfect. I want so much to make love to you. I'm going to fuck you, Marcie."I was happy that I had been taking my birth control pills. I didn't want to be bred by this black man. My husband would divorce me in a second if I was pregnant and not by him.Javon moved and picked me up in his strong arms. He walked me into my bedroom and placed me on my bed. I was his and he now knew that I would submit my body to him. I was giddy with anticipation of what lay before me. I sat up and removed Javon's swimsuit. His cock swung free and I was amazed by his size and he wasn't even hard. I was sure that he would have to work hard to get that into me. I was now so horny that I wanted him in me. I thought of his black cock entering my white cunt. I kissed him hard, smashing my lips on his and my breasts on his chest. My tongue was deep in his mouth and he wrapped his tongue around mine. I had a quick fantasy of his tongue in my pussy."Javon, I'm so hot, I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard."Javon laid me back, kissing me on my lips. He was not in a hurry. He was going to make love to me properly. His kisses on my neck made me shiver. I had goosebumps all up and down my arms and legs. His lips soon found my nipples. His gentle sucking brought sensations to my pussy. When he nipped my nipples, I moaned. I liked the way I was being made love to. I was becoming anxious to have him enter me. I wanted to be fucked by this man. I wanted to cheat on my husband and I wanted to cheat with this black man and his big black cock.Javon continued kissing down my belly, stopping for a second at my landing strip and then licking my clitoral hood. He moved as I spread my legs. My legs were wide and I saw in his eyes that he liked my pussy. His face was closing the distance between my vulva and his tongue. I felt the first touch of his tongue, it sent bolts of electricity through to my very soul. He licked the outside my pussy, his tongue teasing my labia."You are swelling right before my eyes," he said. You have a very nice looking pussy, I really like your pussy."With that, I felt his tongue slip between my labia and enter my vagina. His tongue was long and it reached deep enough to touch my G-spot. He was licking my pussy walls, then returned to my G-spot and his tongue went to work. I felt sensations that had me building to an orgasm. His tongue was deep in me and his nose was on my clit. He was working my pussy hard as I plunged over the cliff of my orgasm. I pulled his face tight against my cunt. Javon licked me all over, inside, outside. I loved the way his tongue traveled up and down my slit. I was leaking all over, my crotch was wet from my juices.Just thinking of what was happening to me pushed me over into another orgasm. This time, I screamed out his name, telling him to eat me like he has never eaten pussy before. Javon responded by sucking my cunt. He sucked my labia into his mouth and licked while sucking hard. I was going to cum again. Never in my thirty-three years have I felt so good, so wanted, for my body. I reached for Javon's cock and put my fingers around it. I have long fingers and my fingertips did not close, not even close. This man's cock had the girth of a soda can."Javon, I don't know if you will be able to fuck me. Your cock is so thick and my pussy will not be able to stretch enough. I want to try, but we must take it easy.""Honey, you will be able to fuck me. Your pretty little cunt will surround my cock. Your pretty little cunt will bring my cock to a climax. I will take it easy, I don't want you to have any pain, I want to be the best fuck you ever had"Javon moved up, he was going to fuck me missionary style. I like this position, I like to look into a man's eyes as his cock enters my pussy. I can see the pleasure that I bring to him. Javon's knees were to each side of my body. I felt his hot cock against my slit. His uncut foreskin slightly back exposing the tip of his cockhead. He pressed his hips forward and my labia opened, pushing his foreskin back. His cock was now poised at the entrance of my vagina. I was going to be fucked by a black cock, a first. I was going to be fucked by an uncut cock, another first. But the biggest first was the thick cock that would be stretching my cunt as it was being buried within me. I had never taken a cock this big.I reached for Javon's hips. I was half sitting up. I wanted to see him enter me, his black cock, my pink cunt. I wanted to see how I stretched and if there was pain, I wanted to see it when I felt it. There was no stopping now, I was going to be fucked and I wanted to fuck. I was so damn hot and horny, I couldn't wait anymore."Fuck me Javon, stick that big hot black cock in my cunt. Make me cum on that fantastic cock you have."I pulled on his hips and his cock started to slowly enter me. My pussy was stretching now. I could see how my labia was pushing his foreskin back, exposing his natural lubricant to my cunt. I watched as his cockhead slipped in and his glans were now locking him in me. Now his huge shaft was spreading me wider. I felt a stretching pain and I saw how my labia was turning a silver pink. Javon slowly moved his hips, pushing and pulling his cock in my cunt. Two inches in, six more to go. In and out, my pussy juices and his cock's lubricant mixing to allow me to take him. Four inches in, my pussy walls are stretched to their limits. Slight pain inside as I open up to accommodate his cock. Five inches in, his cockhead is sliding past my cervix, I wonder if I can take the final three inches of him. Javon's cock was now almost all the way in me. I lay back and with one push he was tight against me. His cock was deep in me.I was so surprised that I could envelop that huge of a cock. If Jack could only see me now, impaled on Javon's huge black cock. I wondered if he would be so much into an open marriage now that I have fucked the best. Javon has opened up a whole new world for me. A world of sex with black men.Javon started to move. He was now fucking me and my cunt was responding to him. My ass started moving on its own. The feelings I was having deep within me were mind boggling. Javon's cock was overwhelming, my pussy had never felt so good. Javon started to move faster. More sensations crashed inside of me, I could feel the friction of his glans rubbing against my pussy walls. Soon I would be cumming again. My legs were tight around Javon's legs, pushing my cunt up tight against him, taking every bit of his cock into me. No part of his cock was outside my cunt. I stayed locked to him as another orgasm crashed through me. I was liking this more and more with each orgasm."Okay Javon, fuck me like you have never fucked a woman before. Fuck me baby, but fuck me hard and fast."Javon took my words to heart and soon his cock was pistoning in and out of me. I was having orgasm after orgasm. I could tighten my cunt on his cock and that would throw me into another climax. Javon was now sweating, his back slick, his buttocks were shiny with sweat. The beads on his forehead were forming rivulets down his nose and dripping onto my breasts. I have never been fucked this hard before. Javon's cock was pounding my cunt, his pubic bone crashing into mine. I was in seventh heaven, I wanted Javon as my personal fuck buddy. I never wanted another cock, only his. I was a cock whore for Javon. Jack would have to be satisfied with his other women. My cunt wasn't his anymore, my cunt belonged to Javon.I could tell Javon was building. "Fuck me, baby, bury that great cock of yours in my cunt. I want you to cum in me, breed me. I want you to be the man to say, "I bred Marcie, I was the first to give her a baby".Javon was grunting now. He was losing control of his arms, he couldn't hold himself off me. He howled, "OH, GOD, I'M CUMMING!"His cock started spasming as he pumped rope after rope of cum into my cunt. My pussy went into spasms, holding him tight. This magnified his throbbing and I tightened my pussy as I had another mind blowing orgasm. Then something happened, my vagina tightened up, Javon's cock was now being held tight in me. He tried to pull out, but he couldn't. I felt pain and he did too when he tried to pull out.I had heard of this, but I assumed it was just a myth. It's called "Penis Captivus", a man cannot remove his penis from a woman's vagina. I believed it now because it was happening to Javon and me."Lie still Javon, it should go away soon," I said. "We are locked together by my vagina. It should stop in a few minutes."Javon laughed, "God woman, not only did you fuck my brains out, you won't let my cock out of your pussy."He was very hard and his cock felt bigger now. My pussy was still spasming. I had a mental picture of Javon's black cock trapped inside my pink vagina. This image fucked with my mind and I had another orgasm."We are locked together by love," I whispered into his ear. "My cunt and your cock must be meant for each other. You have given me the fuck of my life and I want a lot more of them."Javon was quiet. I think he was scared because he didn't know what was happening. All he knew was he was locked in a woman's cunt and he couldn't pull his cock out. The thoughts running through my mind brought on another orgasm. This orgasm was the best so far since we stopped fucking. I was able to milk Javon's cock and I felt his body respond. Soon his cock was throbbing again as another load of Javon cum splashed inside of me. Javon kissed me, "I guess this is a good thing. You and I are one now, I just hope we don't end up calling 911.""I don't think that will happen, but what would be so wrong with that. I mean, that is a story that you would have for the rest of your life. I can just imagine you telling your buddies how good you fucked this white woman and her cunt locked your cock inside of her because she liked it so much. And how at the hospital there was nothing they could do to separate us. Imagine the number of doctors and nurses looking in on us, making sure we were ok. They would lift the sheets to see if your cock was free of my pussy. You would be considered the 'Master of the Pussy'."Javon laughed and I started to laugh with him. He kissed me, "Now that I think about it, that would be some story. My cock doesn't hurt anymore now. You cunt is very tight and I can't move. It's like we might have to tell your husband he cannot fuck you anymore. Not until I'm through fucking you and you fucking me.""I can see the surprised look on his face now," I said. "Here is his lily white non-cheating wife, her cunt locked tight with a huge black cock. He would die if he could see us now."I took my cell phone and snapped a couple pictures of our genitals locked together. You couldn't see his cock, but you could see his black skin pressed tightly against mine. I took some of Javon and he took some of me. Proof that we were fucking each other.Javon started to fuck me again. I was relaxed enough for his cock to start moving. Soon he was back to normal, pounding my cunt like there would be no tomorrow. I was all climaxed out but I so wanted to feel him throbbing inside of me. The satisfaction I would feel cannot be described. Making a virile young man cum inside of my pussy, what a thrill I felt. I needed Javon to cum one more time deep in me tonight. I wasn't disappointed, his cum was again splashing deep in me. His cock was throbbing against the walls of my cunt. His body was pressed tightly against mine, pushing me deep into my mattress. The throbbing subsided, no more cum entered me. Javon was relaxing on me and his cock was shrinking.When he pulled out of me he rolled onto his back. His cock was spent and just lay against his belly. The skin on his cock was all wrinkly like your hands get when in water too long. My cunt was leaking cum and pussy juice all over the sheets. We would have to sleep in the second bedroom of the suite. The maid would get a nice big tip tomorrow. Changing wet sheets with sex juices rated that.I had to get to the bathroom, I needed to clean my pussy. I held my pussy closed with two fingers as I sprinted to the bathroom. I leaked a little on my fingers, but that was all. I sat on the john and removed my fingers, stuff run out of me like a fire hose. I must have had a pint of juices flow out of my pussy. I wiped myself clean and took a warm wet washcloth to Javon. He cleaned himself up and we went into the second bedroom.After we were all snuggled in, Javon kissed me, "That was one great fuck session. I have never been fucked so well. Marcie, let's sleep so we can have a nice wake up fuck.""I'm all for that Javon." I kissed him and rolled over. I smiled because now Jack and I were on the same level. He could have all the strange pussy he wants as long as I can have all the strange cock that I want. I've wasted five years thinking that I was being the 'better spouse' by not fucking around in our open marriage. This vacation was changing that idea and changing it fast.I sent a text to my husband, "had a gr8 day 2nite the BEST EVER 2 pooped 2 pop ".I fell asleep while thinking about the morning and if Javon and I would be frisky enough for another fantastic fuck session. I want to suck his cock. I want to see if I can deepthroat that big hunk of sausage. To be continued...

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