The Village Slut Is Fucked By Her Own Son In The Pussy Movies Xxx Corpulent Pussies

The Village Slut Is Fucked By Her Own Son In The Pussy Movies Xxx Corpulent Pussies

The heavy beat of the music thumped through my chest as Christine lead me onto the dance floor. We danced to one song, which then seamlessly blended into another. Tonight Christine was dressed in a thin, apricot-colored blouse, and a short, black mini-skirt, which displayed her long, tanned legs to perfection. Her black high-heels accentuated her shapely calf muscles, and I saw many guys glancing appreciatively down at her pins.Christine was a very attractive lady at the best of times, and tonight she had taken extra care with her long brunette hair and her make-up, and I would have described her as stunning. A lot of guys sent covetous glances towards me, as though they were envious that I had such a sexy lady on my arm. They weren’t to know, of course, that I had never enjoyed Christine’s intimate charms, and that having her at my side was just a ruse designed to allow my wife to freely mingle and flirt with other men.Christine now placed her hands on my shoulders as we danced, and had drew me close to her. She smiled softly, and a waft of her perfume assailed me. She put her mouth close to my ear.“Looks like Mandy's found a friend, sweetie.” She intoned, jerking her head sideways. “Didn’t take my little sister long, did it?”I swung my gaze in the direction of Christine’s gesture; I saw Mandy on the opposite side of the dance-floor. She was indeed dancing with a tall, dark-haired guy. She had her back to us, and my gaze was drawn to her curvaceous, swaying backside as she boogied to the beat of the music. I felt my cock twitch inside of the metal tube.Tonight Mandy was dressed in a red shirt that exposed an inviting ravine of cleavage, and a white skirt that hugged her shapely hips. It wasn’t as short as Christine’s skirt – but this was simply to cover the dark tops of the black stockings that she wore. Mandy had asked me to help groom her for our night out, and she had teasingly suggested that she should wear stockings and suspenders under her outfit. Black heels completed the ensemble.The fuzzy sexual daze that had enveloped me at the start of the evening asserted itself again as I continued dancing with Christine. We stayed on the dance-floor for about twenty minutes, and I kept sending covert glances towards Mandy as she continued dancing with the tall stranger. Christine finally took my hand and led me to the bar.“How’s the excitement level?” Christine quietly asked me as she sipped her drink.“It’s getting there,” I replied tightly.Christine grinned. “Brian used to tell me that he'd get butterflies in his tummy when he saw me with another guy. Is your tummy doing that?”I nodded. “My tummy flutters, along with a few other things. One part of me, in particular, is fluttering a lot.”Christine laughed. “I bet.”Mandy suddenly appeared over her shoulder. She greeted us and ordered a drink for herself.“Where’s that cutie you were dancing with?” Christine asked her.Mandy shrugged. “Still on the floor somewhere. I didn’t really like him, so I kinda blew him off.” Mandy took a long pull at her drink.Christine laughed. “The night is young,” she said, with a sidelong glance at me.Mandy smiled at her. “It sure is. Has my little hubby been behaving himself?”“Yeah,” Christine replied. “He's been a perfect gentleman. I think he got a little flustered seeing you dance with that guy, though.”Mandy looked at me, and her eyes flashed. “You getting a little frisky, babe?” she playfully asked.I gulped, and once again the surreal nature of the situation floated over me. “You know I am,” I replied in a tight voice.“Well, I wonder how frisky you'll be before the night is over then.” Mandy winked at Christine, and the pair gave each other what was almost a colluding smile. Mandy finished her drink and put the glass on the bar. “Anyway, I am gonna go and dance some more. Have fun, you guys!” With a final grin, Mandy disappeared into the sea of bodies on the dance-floor.The pattern repeated itself for the next two hours. Christine and I spent most of the time sat at the bar, and we caught occasional glimpses of Mandy dancing with several guys. My pulse quickened as I noted that Mandy seemed to have taken a liking to one in particular; he too was tall, good-looking and well built. Christine wolf-whistled softly when she saw him.“Yum,” she intoned softly. “Now he is a hottie.”My excitement further increased when I saw Mandy eventually take his hand, and lead him to a secluded row of semicircular tables built into the rear wall of the nightclub, vanishing from our view. Another hour passed, and in the interim Christine and I danced several more times. We spotted Mandy and the handsome stranger sat cozily at one of the tables, but the light was so dim that we couldn’t make out what the pair was doing. My excitement and angst intensified.Christine noticed my increased tension. “Aww, you wondering what Mandy's up to?” she asked in a teasing voice.I gulped and nodded.Christine giggled softly. “I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. Let’s get another drink.”We made our way back to the bar. Five minutes later Mandy appeared out of the crowd leading the tall stranger by the hand.“Hey!” she whinnied to both Christine and I. “How you pair doing?” She turned to the guy at her elbow. “This is Matt.”Mandy made the introductions, and I was introduced as Christine’s boyfriend. I shook Matt’s hand with a growing sense of surrealism. It was quite possible that within an hour or two this man would be fucking my wife. I felt my cock spasm moistly inside of the tube as if it were fervently yearning for this outcome.Mandy suggested that we all move to one of the tables at the back of the bar, and she gave me a covert wink. The four of us were soon ensconced at a semicircular table, with the girls wedged into the middle of the curved seat, and Matt and myself opposite each other on the outer edges, so that the order of seating was me, Christine, Mandy and then Matt.We made small talk for about fifteen minutes, and my cock quivered in its metal tube as I noticed how closely Matt was pressed to Mandy. Her hands were under the table, and I feverishly wondered if her nimble fingers were stroking his thighs or even his cock through his jeans.Matt eventually excused himself and headed for the gent’s room. As soon as he was out of earshot, Mandy turned to Christine and me.“I told Matt that we might be going back to your place later,” Mandy announced to Christine. “Is that still cool?”“It’s fine with me,” Christine replied before swiveling her gaze to me.Mandy looked at me. “I'm probably going to fuck this guy, babe.”I swallowed. The tingling, almost masochistic warm glow, that rippled through me as I had watched Mandy sitting close to Matt returned. I imagined Mandy kissing him, letting his hands wander over her inviting body. I envisioned her be-stockinged legs wrapped around his hips as he slid his cock into her. My cock added its persuasive opinion, leaping into joyful life and again pressing tightly at its enclosing tube.“I know,” I told Mandy in a voice that now trembled.Christine chuckled softly in the background as Mandy smiled and slowly nodded. “Good,” Mandy told me. “I'll tell Matt that we're good to go when he gets back. By the way, you two, I've told Matt that I am married, but that I'm having a trial separation from my hubby, just so there are no complications. I just wanted you to know in case the subject comes up, even though it probably won't.”Matt returned presently, and Mandy was soon whispering in his ear. I saw him nod, and the pair exchanged several more soft words.Mandy turned to Christine and I. “Matt says that he can drive us all home instead of taking a cab.”“I've only had three drinks all night, so I’m okay to drive” Matt added. “Been drinking coke most of the time.”“Great – thanks!” Christine replied.Almost before I knew it, and with an even greater sense of surrealism, we were soon in Matt’s car heading for Christine’s apartment. Mandy sat in the front seat with him, and Christine and I in the back. As we made small talk, I saw Christine turn to me and wink. Her lascivious smile simply made me tremble a little harder at what lay in store for the remainder of the evening.*****Matt pulled into Christine's apartment block, and Christine directed him to the visitor’s parking area. We alighted from Matt’s car and made out way inside. My cock twitched again as I noticed Mandy take Matt’s hand into hers, and we followed Christine inside.A single soft lamp only marginally illuminated the lounge-room. Christine told us all to take a seat, and Mandy skillfully guided Matt to the couch and then sat down beside him. In almost a daze I sank into an armchair as Christine busied herself fixing drinks in the kitchen. Matt had asked for a coke, as did I, and the girls had a glass of white wine. Christine then joined us in the lounge-room, handing out glasses before sinking into the other armchair next to mine.Mandy had turned on the TV, and she found a music video channel pumping out the latest hits. We made small talk in the softly lit room for about ten minutes about several popular bands and artists.Mandy had been slowly getting closer and closer to Matt as we all chatted, and now she was sat with her hips pressing to his. She now turned slightly towards him and lifted her legs so that they were curled up in front of her on the couch. This meant that she pressed even closer to Matt, and my cock throbbed again as I watched Matt casually drape his arm over Mandy’s shoulders. She leaned forward to allow his arm to drop and curl around her waist. She then leaned against his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. My stomach fluttered.Christine turned me a subtle side-glance, and her face arched with the slightest of smiles. We watched the TV for another minute or so, and I heard Matt mumbled something to Mandy. She looked up into his face, smiled – and then my stomach did flip-flops as she softly pressed her lips to his.I am sure that Christine heard my soft intake a breath as the kiss deepened. My cock throbbed joyfully inside its metal prison, and I felt my balls contract. Mandy turned more fully towards Matt, and she now reached up to place her hand behind his neck. The soft smack of their lips punctuated the music wailing from the TV. Christine glanced sidelong at me again and smiled.I was now trembling slightly as my wife and her new playmate continued and intensified their kissing. Almost as if to add to my dilemma, Christine stretched out out her long legs, and she idly began slipping her right foot in and out of her black high-heeled shoe. The motion was almost sexual, and my cock again voiced its approval with another quiver. My lower stomach felt warm and loose.Christine reached for her handbag and withdrew a pack of cigarettes from within. Upon opening the pack, she frowned.“Shit, I’m almost out of smokes,” she grunted. She glanced over at me and said: “Wanna walk me to the service station, hun? I gotta get some more ciggies.”“Yep, sure,” I muttered in a tight, almost squeaky voice. So this was Christine’s little distraction.“Come on then,” Christine told me, rising from the chair.Mandy and Matt broke their kiss, although they were still pressing close to each other as I almost dazedly arose. Mandy briefly turned her face away from Matt, and my heart nearly stopped when she sent me a salacious wink and then rolled her tongue suggestively around her lips. My legs went weak.Christine gathered her handbag and turned to the pair. “We're just gonna walk down to the service station to get some smokes. You two love-birds want anything?”They both answered in the negative. I could see Mandy’s hand had moved up to rest on Matt’s thigh. My imprisoned cock throbbed again.“Okay,” Christine replied. She sent the pair a grin and playfully added: “We won’t be long, but we don’t wanna get back and find you two lovebirds steaming up our couch! Use the damned spare bedroom, okay?” Christine finished with a tinkling laugh.“Christine!” Mandy gasped in mock-outrage, and then she laughed herself. Matt blushed, but he grinned sheepishly as well. I forced a weak laugh, and then Christine grabbed my hand. “Let’s go, hun,” she told me.Christine’s high-heels clicked on the concrete in a steady sensual rhythm as we began our stroll toward the 24-hour service station at the end of her block. Her hand still held mine, and she turned her face towards me.“How’s the excitement level now?” she asked softly.“Almost unbearable,” I replied.“You’re shaking,” Christine said.I nodded.“Do you think they're still kissing?” she asked in a teasing voice.“I don’t know,” I replied huskily.“Or maybe they're already in the bedroom. I wonder if he'll like Mandy’s stockings and suspender belt?”“Jesus!” I almost moaned.Christine giggled again. “Aww, I’m sorry. I won’t tease you for a bit, ok?”I nodded again as we walked into the brightly-lit service station. Christine bought another pack of cigarettes, and then she used the restroom. My mind was fervently wondering about events back at her apartment. A vision of Mandy kneeling in front of Matt flashed before me; she had his hard cock in her mouth, and her head bobbed back and forth as her soft lips slid up and down his shaft. Her eyes gazed adoringly up at him as he placed his hands on her head, pulling her mouth even deeper over his shaft. Mandy teasingly pulled back so that the underside of his wide purple glans rested on her lower lip, and she flicked her tongue rapidly under the head of his cock, that foxy little grin that I knew so well spreading across her face as she winked up at him.I stifled a groan and tried to rid my mind of the vision. Christine returned from the restroom a few moments later. She took my arm, and we began our three-minute stroll back to her apartment.“We'll probably know what’s going on in a minute or two,” Christine told me. “The spare bedroom lights were off when we left. Won’t it be interesting to see if they're on now?”“Jesus, you're so evil – just like your little
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sister!” I gasped.Christine chuckled huskily. “Probably worse, actually!”I found that I was waiting breathlessly for us to approach the apartment buildings. Christine’s high-heels clicked hypnotically on the footpath as we made our way closer.Christine craned her neck and peered ahead. She gave a low chortle. “Well, well, well,” she began. “The spare bedroom light is on.” She turned to me. “See it?” She pointed and I followed her gesture. The spare bedroom window was indeed brightly illuminated from behind as we come closer. I gave a soft moan as my cock throbbed again. As Christine and I watched, the brightly-lit window suddenly went much darker.“Someone just turned off the main light, and now only the bedside lamp is on,” Christine intoned.“Oh, Jesus Christ,” I gasped.“Come on – let’s go inside and see if I’m right.” *****My heart was racing as we returned to the lounge-room; the couch was empty. With a final warm, powerful rush, I realized that my wife – my sexy Mandy – was up in the spare bedroom, probably kissing Matt as they slowly disrobed. I imagined his delight as he saw her stockings and suspender belt and her lacy black panties. He would know that in a few minutes he would be sampling the goodies they contained.Christine chuckled softly as she took note of the empty couch. The TV was still on, and music still piped from it. Christine settled onto the couch and snaked out her long legs. She gestured to me, and I sat shakily beside her.“Getting a lot hotter now, sweetie?” she asked me quietly.“Yes,” I hissed sotto voice. “Jesus, she's up there with him, isn’t she?” Christine seemed to understand my need to ask the redundant question; she nodded and gave me a soft grin.“Yeah – your wife's up in the spare room with another man. We might even hear her soon.”I gasped softly again, and my cock once again sent its urgent message through my loins. Christine leaned back on the couch and crossed her long legs, revealing her smooth, tanned thighs. Once more her right foot began sensuously working its way in and out of her high-heel.“Mandy told me that you love my legs,” Christine said playfully. “And that you like my feet, too. Is that true?”I sat in shock. Mandy had told Christine the unabridged version of her little plan.“Yes,” I said in almost a whisper.“She also told me that you would love to massage them – and even lick them.”My heart and my cock both quivered. I simply nodded.Christine smiled, and she slipped off both her shoes. “Then why don’t you kneel down and massage them for me. I doubt that Mandy or Matt will be disturbing us anytime soon.”Almost on queue, a brief feminine moan of pleasure wafted faintly from the hallway. My cock spasmed and I moaned softly as the full realization that it was Mandy’s voice tore through me.Christine smiled gently. “See? I think my little sister and her new friend will be busy for a little bit. They won’t hear us at all if we're quiet. So why don’t you start massaging my feet, sweetie.”Trembling I sank to my knees and took her right foot in my hand. Another soft female moan drifted faintly from the hallway, and I feverishly wondered if Mandy was at that moment arching her back as Matt’s cock joyfully explored my wife’s warm, creamy pussy. My hands shook as I massaged Christine’s slender foot. Like Mandy, she had long slim sexy toes, and my cock spasmed again as I glanced down at them.Another series of Mandy’s muffled moans floated from the other end of the apartment, and Christine looked down into my face.“Mmm…” she said in a soft, sultry voice, “Sounds like my little sister's getting a nice, big, hard cock right now.”“Oh, Jesus!” I practically whimpered.A muffled tapping noise suddenly started – and with a hot masochistic rush, I realized that it was the bed-head in the spare room knocking against the wall. Mandy punctuated the carnal sound with another series of moans – louder this time.Christine chose that moment to lift her left leg and rest her foot on the coffee table to my right. I glanced up the length of those smooth, long legs to the apex of her thighs – and I nearly gasped in shock. Christine’s neatly trimmed pussy was just visible under her skirt.Christine saw my transfixed stare, and she giggled softly. “Yeah – I’m not wearing panties anymore,” she murmured, “I took them off when I went to the restroom at the service station. Naughty of me, huh? Lick my toes now, sweetie. I want to feel your tongue sliding between them.”I lifted her foot to my mouth, and I hungrily took her big toe into my mouth, sucking it as my tongue darted forth to lick and preen her sexy digits. She arched her back slightly and emitted a soft sigh of pleasure. She slid slightly lower on the couch and twisted her left leg further outwards, pulling her short skirt even higher. Her pussy now became visible in the soft glare of the TV screen. Her right hand slid downwards and rested briefly on her thigh. It was soon heading northwards – under her skirt.Mandy’s muffled passion laden voice drifted forth once more. This time I could just make out words: “Jesus, fuck me… Fuck me! Uhhhhhh!” The staccato tapping of the distant bed-head increased in volume and tempo.Christine lowered her eyelids, and her fingers slid upwards to the apex of her thighs as I watched. My tongue was eagerly sliding between her sexy toes, and I relished the musky taste of her feet. I could feel my cock straining as the tip of Christine’s finger slid between her pussy lips. She gave a soft, gentle moan.“Mmm, keep licking my toes,” she murmured. “That feels so good! Lick underneath each one… That’s it!... Mmm…”Mandy uttered several more muffled exhortations to her lover as Christine rapidly tweaked and stroked her clitoris. My eyes were glued to her ministrations, My imprisoned cock again throbbed urgently, and I felt a trickle of pre-cum dribble from its tip. Christine tilted her head back and sighed quietly as my tongue slid wetly between her first and second toes.“Fuck, yeah!” Christine whispered huskily. “Keep doing that! Keep sliding your tongue in and out, just like that! It feels so good!” I could see her fingertip rapidly swirling her button, and her legs began to tremble.Mandy’s muffled ethereal voice suddenly rose in pitch slightly. Both Christine and I could make easily make out her words through the walls: “Oh, yeah… Do it… DO IT! Give it to me! Jesus! I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum! Oooh, keep fuckin’ me! Please!! I’m gonna cum! Now… Now!... Yes!... I’M CUMMING!”“And fuck, so am I!” Christine rasped. Her long legs shuddered, and she closed her eyes, arched her back, and her toes curled in my mouth as orgasm rippled through my sister-in-law. She choked back several long, soft moans; her eyes clenched shut, and her sensual mouth agape. Her pussy seemed to quiver and pulse as a thin rivulet of her cream slid slowly out of her spasming pussy and slithered sensuously down the crack of her arse. She held her rigid pose for several seconds before slumping back into the couch with a satisfied grunt.All the while, my wife’s cries of ardor had wafted from the distant bedroom. I could hear husky male grunts adding to Mandy’s cries of ecstasy, and I realized that Matt’s cock was probably throbbing triumphantly as his own orgasm sent his thick cream deep into my wife’s pussy. I knew that Mandy would have made him wear a rubber, but at that moment the thought of his raw unprotected cock exploding deep in my wife’s hungry pussy sent ripples of deviant pleasure through me.I stifled a thin wail, and for only the third time in my life, I spontaneously ejaculated. Christine opened her eyes to glance down at me, perhaps knowing what had just happened. She gave me a dreamy post-orgasm smile. The urgent cries of passion from the spare bedroom gradually dwindled, and finally ceased altogether.“Mmmm, that was good, sweetie,” she said softly. “I've always loved having my toes licked, and Mandy must have given you lots of practice, ‘cause you’re a very good little toe-sucker!”Christine slowly withdrew her foot from my grasp, and sat up on the couch. She looked pointedly down at my crotch and smiled softly.“You had better go get that cleaned up, sweetie. Don’t worry – the other two won’t be coming out for a while yet.”I looked down to see a small wet patch where the tip of my tube had been pressing against my jeans. Almost in a daze I clumsily arose to my feet and headed for the bathroom. I glanced back to see Christine’s long, sexy legs still splayed out in front of her on the couch. In the bathroom, I dried my soaked briefs and jeans as best I could, and I was hopeful that in the dim light of the lounge-room that the evidence of my lapse wouldn’t be noticed.When I returned to the lounge-room, Christine immediately arose and made her own trip to the bathroom. As I sat in the dark room, I wondered what was occurring in the spare room. Was my wife playfully kissing her lover, perhaps playfully stroking his cock as the pair engaged in soft post-coital conversation? The surreal nature of the evening had begun to assert itself again. Was this really happening? When Christine returned, she looked as composed as ever, although she still had a satisfied flush to her face. She smiled softly as she sat down beside me. She picked up the remote control for the TV and raised the volume slightly.“Did you enjoy that, sweetie?” she asked in a quiet voice.“I loved it,” I replied almost in a trance. “All of it. It’s the hottest, most erotic thing I have ever experienced. Hearing Mandy, knowing she is up there fucking him. Watching you - everything. I’m tingling all over.”“I enjoyed it too,” Christine said softly. “I’m not usually into sex as a spectator sport, but to listen to my little sister getting nailed as her hubby licked my toes was too good an opportunity to pass up!”“So you and Mandy had it all worked out, huh?” I asked.“Well, we talked about it a lot, so yeah – you could say that.” Christine lit herself a cigarette. “Tell me something. Just exactly how long is your cock now after wearing those nasty little tubes?”I blushed. “The last time Mandy measured me I was just less than four inches. She measures me again next Saturday night – and it might be a little bit smaller again.”Christine raised her eyebrows. “Under four inches erect?”I nodded slowly.“Holy fuck!” she exhaled. “That is a little one! I've never seen one that small. You think Mandy would let you show it to me?”My eyebrows arched in surprise, and I swallowed. I found that I was tingling as I imagined Christine seeing my shrunken shaft. “Maybe you should ask her.”Christine simply grinned. ****Thirty minutes later Christine and I heard the spare bedroom door open, and Mandy and Matt appeared. Matt bade Christine and me a quick (and subdued) goodbye, and then Mandy saw him to the front door. I heard them kiss briefly, and then Mandy shut the front door behind him and returned to the lounge room as we heard Matt’s car roar into life outside.Mandy’s had apparently combed her hair, and it looked like she had attempted to fix her smudged lipstick – but her glazed eyes and flushed complexion had all the hallmarks of a lady who had just been well and truly fucked.Christine grinned at her sister. “Have a good time, Sis’?”Mandy blushed but grinned back at her. “Yeah – I did, as a matter of fact. What about you?”Christine assured Mandy that I had been very good company whilst she was otherwise occupied. Mandy looked at me, and her expression told me that she was well aware what might have occurred.“And are you ready to go home, babe?” Mandy asked me. I nodded, and I already knew that Mandy would unlock me tonight and that she would then tell me all about her little romp with Matt as my little cock slid into her deep, still moist pussy. I was still tingling.Mandy asked me to call for a cab as she and Christine sat talking. The cab was tooting a few minutes later, and we bade Christine goodbye.When Mandy and I arrived home I was again shaking in anticipation. Mandy sensed my excitement, and she smiled.Ten minutes later I was eagerly sliding my little cock into Mandy’s fervent pussy. She was still soaking wet, and her smooth legs locked around my back as she excitedly asked me if I had heard her and Matt fucking.I stammered that I had. “Did he have a big cock?” I asked in what was almost a wail.“Mmm, yes he did, babe! A lovely big, thick cock! Much, much bigger than that little thing that’s inside me now!”I couldn't stop myself. I screamed as climax tore through me like a runaway train. ****Later, as we lay in afterglow, Mandy wanted to know what Christine and I had done whilst she was in bed with Matt. I told her that Christine had gotten me to lick and suck her toes and that she did indeed masturbate as I did so. Mandy chuckled and said that Christine was a kinky bitch.“She asked me something,” I told Mandy. “She said she wanted to ask you if she could see what the tube has done to me.”Mandy nodded. “Yeah – I know. She already asked.”I blinked. “And what did you say?”“I told her that if you wanted to let her see it, then it’s fine with me. I told her that maybe the next time I measured you, she could have a look as well, if that’s okay with you.”A tremble passed through me.Mandy giggled. “That kinda makes you hot, baby? My big sister taking a look at that little pecker of yours?”“Yes,” I replied softly.Mandy smiled. “Okay! I’ll tell Christine to come over next Saturday. She can even help me measure!”The bedroom echoed to my gasp and Mandy’s evil giggle. *****Christine was at our place a week later as I lay on the bed, my eyes closed as I felt Mandy press the ruler to my erect cock. I heard the sisters both gasp.“Tell him how big now,” Mandy said to her sister.“Three inches, and nine sixteenths,” Christine announced slowly. “Just a little over three and a half inches. Oh my fucking God! It’s so small!”The pair of them giggled as my tiny tool trickled pre-cum. *****

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