He fucks her in the pussy and jumps her pussy when she takes it out

He fucks her in the pussy and jumps her pussy when she takes it out

Sarah was a thirty-five-year-old, married respectable woman, she was sweet, kind and successful. She had always been quiet, perhaps a little straight laced, but popular all the same. Deep down though, behind the exterior she had a secret passion she had fought her whole life, a desire to let loose her sexuality, explore and be free. She had never had to confidence to do it however. Behind closed doors once others were far away she would fantasise of orgies, sexual freedom and hedonistic pleasure. It was a secret that was kept tightly locked away until this trip… She was away on business, far from the trappings of her usual life, and she knew no one in the city. She arrived early and checked into her hotel room, it was huge, comfortable and she felt very relaxed. She instantly felt excited. She couldn’t get the image of being fucked there out of her mind, it was like an uncontrollable passion taking over her. ‘No,’ she thought trying to ignore the thoughts surging through her. Straightening herself out she decided to head out for fresh air. She got dressed. ‘Sensible clothes,’ she thought. ‘I’m here on business.’ Looking through her bag, she knew she couldn’t resist something however… She pulled out her favourite underwear made of black lace with pretty flower patterns in the material and to top it all off, a little pink bow above her crotch. The matching bra and panty set was quickly covered up by a short and sultry summer dress that barely covered her curved bottom. She gently slipped her feet into a fancy pair of heels and applied the finishing touches with her makeup. Sarah left the hotel, looking for a cafe or a little walk to get some fresh air. She was worried how flushed she was and whether others would notice. She walked hurriedly along for a few streets before finding herself in a rather more seedy part of town. It was quickly apparent she was in the red light district. There were sex shops on either side of the road and Sarah couldn’t help walk past and look in. Everywhere she looked there was sex! She had never been in a sex shop before, but couldn’t resist. It was like she had deliberately found this place, like she knew she had to be there. Inside there were TVs showing porn films. Obviously she knew about porn, she had even watched some softcore stuff when she was younger, but she had never seen anything like this. On one TV there were four guys and two girls all fucking. One girl was taking two of the guys at once. She couldn’t look away. On the TV next to it was some lesbian porn with two beautiful girls kissing and fingering one another. Sarah was drawn to them, watching intensely and completely absorbed. Suddenly, she heard a polite cough behind her. Turning around, she was greeted by a friendly smile. “See anything you like?” The bearded man asked. “No,” Sarah responded casually as she looked around the shelves. Just as the word left her lips, she saw the female toys. Dildos of all colours, shapes and sizes decorated them. A vibrant pink vibrator with ‘bunny ears’ attracted her eye the most, followed by a dildo sculpted to look like a massive, black cock. She was amazed by the two sights. The dildo had to have been around twelve inches and the vibrator nine. Looking a little to the left, she then noticed a large dildo, with a belt around it. “Wh-what’s that?” She asked innocently. “That is a strap on, ma’am,” the man replied. “Are you sure you don’t see anything you like?” Fighting the temptation, Sarah reluctantly gave into her urges and grabbed the vibrator, a dildo, a butt plug and strap-on from the shelf. With her cheeks turning bright red, she carried them to the counter with the man following her. His smile was almost ear to ear as he scanned the items through. “That’ll be one-hundred and sixty pounds please,” he smiled. Sarah handed the money over instantly and looked around as the shop filled with men. “Have you got anything a little… discreet?” She asked. “Unfortunately not ma’am,” the man said apologetically. Nervously, she grabbed the bag that had huge markings on that symbolised that she had been in an adult store. Her cheeks were blushing and with one last glimpse at the TVs dotted around the store, she noticed the lesbian pornography more. Excited by the imagery she left, and was followed by a few cat-calls as she did. Her heart was pumping and her body was tingling. She couldn’t believe what she had just done but then again, she was turned on by the thought. As she left, Sarah could feel her arousal. The images of the porn were swimming in her head; Why had she gone in? Was it okay to feel this excited? What the hell was she going to do with these toys? She didn’t even know why she had even bought them really. She just knew she wanted them. It felt like a gloriously erotic mess! ‘I have to find somewhere to hide this bag and have to calm down,’ she thought to herself. Panicking, Sarah walked quickly through the back streets, her little summer dress barely covering her bottom. She felt very exposed. She eventually came to a small cafe tucked away in a quiet alley and went in. It was the antithesis of the sex shop before; cute, cosy, wholesome and almost empty but for the waitress. Sarah looked at the waitress for a few moments. She was 4ft 11, with long brown hair and beautiful innocent eyes. She was struck by her body, so petite and shapely. The waitress was wearing a small, cream blouse and a striking black mini-skirt that covered a portion of her curvy thighs. Unlike Sarah, the waitress was wearing small black pumps and a badge that displayed her equally beautiful name, Jasmine. Stammering and flushed Sarah approached her, trying to conceal the sex shop bag from her as she walked, “Ex-excuse me, may I have a table please, and also may I use your toilet?’’ “Of course,” replied the girl. Jasmine stared at the bags as Sarah walked to the restroom. She couldn’t help but notice the massive markings that signified the contents of it. She felt a little thrown back by it but due to her nature, she shook the feeling quickly. For a few moments, she pondered the thought of what was in the bag. She kept thinking about the size of the products, which turned her cheeks rosy. With that thought, she went to the counter to wait for her customer. Sarah quickly walked to the toilet, still flushed and very conscious of the large bag of sex toys she was carrying. She went straight into a cubicle as she needed to look at them. Pulling up her dress she sat down on the toilet seat, breathing heavily, the urge to reach down between her legs almost irresistible. She knew she would be aroused. Slowly she opened the bags and examined what she had bought, one hand running over her toys, her eyes wide with excitement. Her other hand instinctively ran between her legs, gently caressing the lace panties she had put on not more than an hour ago. They were damp and she could almost smell her own arousal. She examined them one by one, opening the packets and running her hands over the thick shafts of the toys. The pink vibrator with the ears fit beautifully in her hand and she imagined using it, and having it used on her. Then her thoughts turned to the other two. These were larger, especially the black one. It was huge! Her fingers ran up and down the outside of her panties tracing the outline of her slit as she imagined what others would think and what the cute innocent waitress thought of her carrying all of these in! As she thought of the waitress her thoughts turned almost inevitably to using them on her, taking her with the strap on. Sarah was shocked at how aroused this made her. It felt almost as if she would climax right then and there in the toilet at the thought. ‘Stop this,’ she thought to herself. ‘You have to pull yourself together and stop behaving like a sex crazed animal!’ Quickly she stuffed the toys back in the bag and tried to conceal them as best she could by shoving them in her hand bag, though there was no way the big one would really fit in. It almost looked more obvious with the big cock shaped plastic bag poking out. She straightened her dress and walked out into the café. She was glowing and felt extremely self conscious. It felt like she had no way of hiding her arousal, and no way of controlling her need for sex today. Sarah sat at the table and waited to be served. The waitress came quickly over. “Hi, I’m Jasmine,” she introduced herself. ‘How can I help you today ma'am?’. Sarah just stared passionately at her. All she could think about were the images she had just had of corrupting this girl with her new toys. Her eyes ran up and down Jasmine's body, devouring her every inch. Jasmine was looking a little flush herself now, “ma'am?” She enquired. “I’d like you…” Sarah paused just a little too long for comfort for both women, “...to get me a flat white please.” The sexual tension was palpable. “Um... Sure,” Jasmine stuttered. Embarrassed by the tension, she left the table hurriedly. Sarah watched her, unable to take her eyes of the girl’s bottom as she walked away.Sarah's legs were bare and she was squeezing her thighs together, subconsciously moving her thighs up and down and squeezing, all generating further arousal. Jasmine was making the coffee and as no one else was in the shop Sarah knew she would be able to feel her arousal more directly without being seen. She parted her legs slightly and subtly moved a hand between them. Her index finger moving instinctively to the spot on her panties that covered her clit. She made gentle circular movements over it, so tiny that you would hardly know her hand was moving, but she could feel it alright. She was so aroused now that each little touch was like a thousand vibrations. She was unable to sit still and was gently squirming in her seat, eyes closed, imagining using her new toys on this innocent young waitress. In the back of her head, the nagging feeling of ‘what am I doing?’ was shouting, but it was thoroughly drowned out by the passion. Back at the coffee machine Jasmine was also dealing with some unusual feelings for her. She hadn’t really thought about women sexually much before, but had felt an instant, passionate connection with this woman. She was intrigued by the sex shop bags she had seen, and desperately wanted to know more and explore this beautiful stranger’s mind and desires. It was as confusing as it was arousing. Lost in her thoughts, the coffee poured over. Suddenly, she reoriented. “Shit,” she muttered and shut it off. She wandered back out into the main café to get a fresh cup. Jasmine’s eyes were immediately fixated on Sarah as she grabbed another cup. Still thinking about the young waitress, Sarah smiled at her and politely Jasmine smiled back. Grabbing the cup briskly, Jasmine turned back towards the coffee machine. As she turned sharply, her short skirt drifted up just high enough for Sarah to see her cute, little polkadot panties and the soft delicate skin of her bottom. Jasmine looked over her shoulder with her cheeks blushing more than before whilst Sarah sat there with a seductive smile on her face. “Sorry about that,” Jasmine apologised. “I spilled your coffee and needed a new cup.” “Accidents happen,” Sarah responded as she let go of the bag and allowed the head of her brand new dildo to expose itself slightly. Jasmine turned back to the machine with her eyes wider than usual. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed but strangely, she liked the reveal. It felt like a huge burden had been lifted. Jasmine started to fill the second cup, this time trying to keep her thoughts on the coffee rather than the mysterious woman sat watching her every move. Jasmine kept her head down, watching as the coffee neared the top of the cup. Sarah carried on staring at her and secretly, she was undressing the young woman in her mind. She could only imagine what her sweet breasts and tight, young slit looked like. Sarah’s mind wandered more and more, thinking about the waitress and how she would react to her advances. Just as she thought about sliding one of the dildos into her, she heard a cough and returned to normality. “Sorry about that,” Jasmine apologized. “No worries,” Sarah responded. “Do you mind sitting with me?” “Um, I have other things to be doing ma’am,” Jasmine said with a quiver in her voice. “It’s just us here, you can do that later,” Sarah insisted. Jasmine reluctantly sat down at the table and watched as Sarah stirred her coffee slowly. There was an awkward silence between the two as the spoon chimed against the ceramic cup. “So, how old are you?” Sarah asked. “Just turned twenty-one,” Jasmine replied instantly. “My-my, twenty-one and here alone?” Sarah laughed. “It’s my mum’s place and she’s celebrating her anniversary,” Jasmine informed. “She just asked me to close up.” “I see,” Sarah answered. They both shared another awkward silence and the tension was building between the two. Jasmine looked at the bag, thinking about what she saw earlier. The head of the dildo was sticking out ever so slightly, it almost seemed as though it was beckoning her to ask a question about it. “You like what you see?” Sarah asked as she noticed Jasmine’s eyes focused on the bag. “Huh?” Jasmine responded sharply. “Let me show you,” Sarah giggled as she pulled the toys out and rest them on the table. Jasmine’s eyes widened when she saw the sheer size of each of the toys. The black dildo was mesmerising as it stood twelve inches in length on the suction cup. Sarah watched in enjoyment as Jasmine looked at the toys innocently. Jasmine couldn’t help but reach out and touch the soft silicone and rubber that gave them a life-like feel. “So do you like them?” Sarah asked. “Yes, ma’am,” Jasmine replied politely. “Would you like to try them?” Jasmine looked at Sarah unnerved before nodding her head slightly. Sarah stood up and moved to the café door locking it, before sitting back down at the table, next to her. Sarah placed a hand on Jasmine’s knee, “Which is your favorite?” She whispered seductively in her ear. Jasmine remained silent as she picked the twelve inch cock up. Sarah laughed to herself as Jasmine brought it closer to their bodies. “That looks a little big for you my dear,” she giggled. Jasmine examined the toy closely, admiring the size and girth of it with her fingers. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this but at the same time, she was feeling aroused at the thought of what was coming. “Have you ever had a cock like this inside you my dear?” Sarah questioned as her hand inched higher up Jasmine’s uncovered leg. Jasmine shook her head, “No, I haven’t. Well not this big at least.” Sarah smiled back wickedly, “And have you ever had another woman use one on you?” Deep down she could not believe what she was saying to this girl, she had never been so brash in all her life, but she was loving it. “That would definitely be a first,” Jasmine replied with her cheeks going a rosy shade of pink. Sarah rubbed her hand on Jasmine’s thigh comforting her slightly as she gazed into her dark brown eyes. She could tell Jasmine was nervous, but deeply aroused. She let her hand go a little higher, pushing up the material of the hem of the girl’s short skirt. As her fingertips neared her panties she could feel Jasmine’s arousal. “You want this don’t you Jasmine?” Sarah asked softly but firmly. Again, Jasmine remained quiet and gave a slight nod of her head as Sarah’s hand rested in the warmth of her legs. Without warning, Sarah moved her hand higher and onto the soft cotton of Jasmine’s polkadot panties. She could feel a damp patch in the material that wasn’t there when she saw them earlier. “You wanted me to see your tight little pants earlier, didn’t you?” She asked. “Yes,” Jasmine responded softly as Sarah’s fingers rubbed her slowly through the cotton. Sarah’s finger gently rubbed little circles over the top of jasmine’s slit through the material, slowly, but firmly stimulating the young girl’s clit. Jasmine responded by opening her legs slightly, the skirt naturally hitching up a little as she did, allowing easier access for the older woman. Soft gasps left Jasmine’s mouth whilst Sarah massaged her slit. It was like music to Sarah’s ears when she heard the sweet noises. Sarah leaned in towards Jasmine and started to kiss her gently on the lips, almost inhaling the girls moans as she did. Almost at the same time Sarah’s fingers hooked round the soft cotton of Jasmine’s panties pulling them to one side exposing her waxed pussy to the empty shop. Jasmine, couldn’t believe what was happening, but also never wanted it to stop, she was at the mercy of this woman. She felt herself almost uncontrollably opening her legs wider, inviting Sarah to fuck her. Sarah responded, pushing a finger against Jasmine’s wet opening. She slowly circled her finger around Jasmine’s tight young hole before pushing it in slowly. Jasmine bucked her hips in shock as she felt Sarah’s finger probe deeper into her pussy. Sarah’s tongue pushed its way into her mouth and began to explore as she fingered the young waitress. Sarah slowly slid her finger back and forth, gently stroking the inner walls of Jasmine’s pussy. Jasmine continued to squirm and move her hips with Sarah’s index finger as if she was straddling it. Sarah could feel the arousal building in Jasmine. Her already tight pussy was gripping her finger hard as she probed and kissed her. Knowing this would be the first of many orgasms, she would let the young girl experience it in its full glory. Kissing harder and more passionately than ever now, their tongues explored one another as Sarah continued to finger fuck Jasmine’s wet hole. Her thumb now pressed on Jasmine’s clitoral hood, stimulating it. Sarah pushed her finger deeper and her thumb squeezed her clit gently as Jasmine bucked her hips. Jasmine’s heart sunk and her eyes rolled back whilst her tongue continued to swirl in Sarah’s mouth. Her body filled with lust and eventually, her pussy was expressing that lust all over Sarah’s finger as an orgasm ripped through her taut young body. Sarah was in utter shock as she felt the moisture cover her finger and run down her hand and onto her wrist. She also felt an amazing arousal overcome her as Jasmine orgasmed. Jasmine sunk into Sarah’s embrace as the two women paused momentarily. Sarah’s slowly withdrew her hand from under Jasmine’s skirt, her fingers covered in the girl’s juices. She brought her hand up to Jasmine’s face and ran a finger over her supple lips. Jasmine opened her mouth willingly, as Sarah inserted her fingers one by one, getting her younger partner to suck them clean. “Do you like the taste of your sex?” Sarah gently asked Jasmine. She nodded as she rolled her tongue over Sarah’s fingers savouring every drop. Swimming in a wave of ecstasy, Jasmine felt she would do anything right now, she just knew she needed more. “I think maybe I should take you back to
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my hotel room Jasmine. I still need to show you how these toys work” Sarah said seductively. Jasmine nodded, “I think I would like that please Sarah.” Sarah smiled warmly at her. She felt like she had been waiting for this moment her whole life. It felt right for the both of them. The taxi back to the hotel was tense. Both women trembled a little, on the edge of arousal, and were anticipating what lay ahead. Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening. She had fantasised about this in the privacy of her home, but never believed it could ever actually happen. No one would ever believe she would or could seduce this beautiful girl. Like Sarah, Jasmine was in disbelief. She had never thought about another woman doing the things that had occurred a brief while ago. It was as if the world had gone topsy turvy along with her feelings, but none the less, she waited with excitement as the taxi reached its terminus. Holding hands, both women stepped out of the taxi and hurried through the dark to the hotel. The lobby of the hotel was really grand and quite full and as the two women entered they looked a little disheveled. Sarah in her short summer dress and heels, the hem of the dress was riding high and she was conscious that people could see Jasmine’s cute little polkadot panties showing as it flowed when she walked. In her hand she was holding the bag of toys, trying, but failing to conceal the logo and shapes within it. She felt their eyes judging her, but also jealous of her. They hurried into the lift. “Mmm, I think they thought we were very naughty girls in that lobby,” Sarah said to Jasmine. Jasmine giggled, “I feel like one.” Sarah leant into Jasmine, gently kissing her on the lips, softly this time, a long lingering kiss. Sarah’s head turned slowly as the younger girls lips parted, welcoming her to go further. The kiss became more passionate as Sarah’s tongue once again explored Jasmine’s. Sarah pushed against Jasmine, pinning her against the side of the lift, the two women now moaning a little into one another's mouths, the tension of the taxi and walk through the foyer exploding out. Both of their hands immediately ran down each others bodies. Ping… the lift arrived at the floor of Sarah’s room. They quickly broke the kiss and straightened themselves before striding out and onto the posh carpet of floor fifteen. As both women walked down the corridor to the room, Sarah squeezed Jasmine’s ass slightly. She loved the soft, tender muscle of her bottom and in an instant they were at the door. Handing Jasmine the bag, Sarah pulled the key from her purse and flung the door open. Both of them quickly went into the darkness with Sarah kicking the door shut behind them. Jasmine dropped the bag, allowing the toys to spill out and onto the floor as they kissed once again. Sarah pushed Jasmine back as their lips locked, causing her to fall onto the cool blanket of the bed. Sarah climbed on top of her immediately, kissing her deeply and her hands cupping her cheeks. In return, Jasmine slid her hands down Sarah’s arched back and onto her ass before rolling the bottom of her dress up. For the first time, she felt Sarah’s soft skin and playfully, she gave a gentle spank. “Naughty girl,” Sarah said as she broke the kiss. Jasmine responded with another playful spank and a small, innocent giggle. “Do you like being a naughty girl, Jasmine?” Sarah asked jokingly. Jasmine’s head sunk back into the pillow and as she bit her lip, she nodded. Sarah sat up and quickly removed her dress, allowing Jasmine to see her favourite underwear, before leaning back down. Jasmine placed her hands on Sarah’s hips and unexpectedly she flipped her onto her back and sat on top of her. Just like Sarah had done, Jasmine arched her back and looked down into her eyes. She quickly pulled her skirt up and placed Sarah’s hands on her perfectly shaped ass. Sarah’s fingers dug into her cheeks as Jasmine began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her blue and white polkadot bra that matched with her panties. She then unclipped her skirt and let it drop onto Sarah. With a seductive smile, Jasmine started to kiss Sarah once again. As their tongues ravelled around one another, Sarah’s thumbs began to sneak under Jasmine’s panties and slowly, she began to roll them down her thighs. The cool air felt amazing against the delicate and bare skin around her pussy. As the cotton went lower, Sarah began to use one hand to pull whilst the other gently caressed the hot sex of Jasmine. As she stroked the lips of her pussy, Jasmine squirmed and wriggled with pleasure. She continued to rub and massage Jasmine before gently pushing her off her body and onto the bed once again. “I can’t wait any longer,” Sarah gasped. “Sit on my face.” Pulling her panties down over her ankles, Jasmine reluctantly complied. She positioned a leg at either side of Sarah’s head and slowly lowered her hips so they hovered just above the older woman’s mouth. Sarah grasped Jasmine’s hips willingly and pulled down as the waitress began to undo her bra, allowing her breasts to feel the cool air. With a deep breath, Sarah closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out and in an instant she could feel the warmth of her lover’s pussy. Jasmine arched her back once again as each lick sent shivers down her spine. Her soft moans filled the air as Sarah devoured her delicate, pink interior. Sarah’s tongue was lashing all around her pussy and unexpectedly, she started to press her finger against Jasmine’s other opening. Jasmine didn’t seem to mind as she felt ecstasy overcome her body from the soft spongy tongue of Sarah. With her fingertip tracing around the tight hole of Jasmine’s ass, Sarah pushed it in as deep as she could. A loud moan left Jasmine’s lips as she felt the knuckle hit her skin. “Oh, fuck,” Jasmine moaned as Sarah began to finger her frantically whilst her tongue stroked her pink. Sarah’s tongue continued to circle in Jasmine’s pussy whilst her finger pumped her asshole. It was too much for the young waitress and within seconds she was cumming. This didn’t stop Sarah however. She kept ravishing her pussy, wanting to taste the sweet, nectar-like prize of her new plaything. Jasmine’s body tightened and her breathing deepened as her body flooded with lust. Sarah could finally taste the sweetness of her lover’s cum as it hit her taste buds. She lapped at it like a kitten with milk, loving every drop of it. Overwhelmed by the intensity of her orgasm, Jasmine fell forward onto Sarah’s body. Her face rested against her legs whilst Sarah continued to lick and eat. “Whilst you’re down there, you can start on me,” Sarah jokingly teased as she paused for a second before going back to her previous actions. Yet again, Jasmine felt reluctant but did as she was told. She slowly uncovered Sarah’s bald pussy and strangely enough, she moved her mouth to it right away. Her tongue outlined her clitoral hood in a teasing manner before poking it with the tip. Jasmine’s fingers then began to probe the hole whilst her lips squeezed the rosebud. Both of them could hear the other occupants of the hotel passing by their room as they engaged in a sixty nine. The thought seemed to excite both women as they continued to pleasure each other with their tongues and fingers. However Sarah wanted more. For minutes, the women licked, sucked, fingered and more importantly pleased one another. Their tongues swirled inside the other’s anatomy and both of them could only think about how much of a better job they were getting from a woman than a man. Sarah started to grind her hips, rubbing her clit on Jasmine’s chin as Jasmine’s tongue explored her opening. Before long, she started to feel the same sensations and her body started to tighten. Cum started to flood her pussy as the young girl ate her vigorously. Just like Sarah, Jasmine lapped at the juices enjoying each drop that was gifted to her. “Don’t stop Jasmine,” Sarah gasped as she rested her hands on the waitress’ tight ass, experiencing her first high of the night. Jasmine continued to plunge her tongue into her hole as deep as she could, tasting her equally sweet nectar. Her nose pressed against her skin as she tried desperately to get deeper but to no avail and before long, Sarah was coming down from her climax. “Guess it’s time for the ‘things’,” Sarah laughed as Jasmine looked over her shoulder at the older woman. “I guess so,” Jasmine replied with an innocent giggle. Jasmine climbed off of Sarah’s body and laid back on the bed, her erect nipples pointing at the ceiling. Sarah grabbed the dildo and vibrator, leaving the strap-on resting on the floor. “Which one do you want?” Sarah asked. “The dildo,” Jasmine responded without hesitation. Playfully, Sarah threw it on Jasmine’s tight stomach making the girl flinch at contact. Sarah sat opposite her so both girls could see one another. Grasping the pink vibrator, Sarah put the batteries in and without hesitation inserted it deep within her body with the ears touching her clit. Quickly, she flicked the switch and the vibrations began to send her back to her previous state. Sarah moaned frantically as Jasmine watched for a few moments as the older woman pleasured herself. The sight of Sarah fucking her herself was intensely arousing. Jasmine moved her hand down, her fingers finding her already wet sex. She yearned to have the dildo inside her. Having never even really considered using one hours ago she now needed it, and she knew she needed to have her older mistress watch her use it. Sarah looked on as Jasmine opened her legs wide and started to pleasure herself. Her petite smooth lips opening, revealing her glistening pink interior. Lower down, her tight buttocks were parted slightly and Sarah could see Jasmine’s ass hole still pouting from where she had fingered it earlier. Jasmine then grabbed the dildo and began to stroke it up and down her slit, while Sarah, the bunny vibe still inside her, applied some lube to it. Jasmine teased it against herself before eventually starting to apply pressure against her opening. She was very tight and had never had anything this big against her before. She looked over at Sarah for reassurance, the passion and wanton yearning in both women's eyes was intense. Slowly Jasmine slid seven of the twelve inches inside. She gasped a little as she felt its girth and length fill her. She felt stretched and full and she adored it. There was no way her little twat could take all of it, but she wanted to be as full as it was physically possible. Moaning in delight she lay back on the bed, arched her back and began to fuck herself with it. With her other hand her index finger pushed hard on her clitoris, rubbing her little button of arousal. Little moans escaped her lips as she moved the giant cock in and out of herself. Sarah had to see more of her little plaything pleasuring herself, and maneuvered so she was on her side lying next to Jasmine. Sarah moaned in pleasure, her own toy filling her pussy and stimulating her clit as one. Both women watched each other, aroused by watching each other fuck themselves. Sarah felt like such a slut… and she loved it. Sarah whispered in Jasmine’s ear, “Cum for me, my naughty girl”. Jasmine moaned and nodded. “Yes ma’am,” she uttered moments before the orgasm ripped through her young body. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through her as she screamed and moaned in delight. She felt her juices gushing over the toy as she came, forcing it deeper into her tightness. Seeing Jasmine cumming sent Sarah over the edge too and her hips started to buck with delight as she lay next to the orgasming girl. Sarah turned onto her knees as the first orgasm started.“Fuuucckkk,” she screamed, while burying her head in Jasmine’s pert breasts. Her moans reverberated in Jasmine's chest, only intensifying the experience further for both of them. She kept fucking herself with the vibrator as she watched Jasmine continue to ride her orgasm. One wave then another then another. It felt like neither women would stop cumming, and they never wanted to. Eventually they collapsed together, the pleasure slowly subsiding. Sarah was on all fours, the pink vibrator still deep inside her, her head resting on Jasmine's pert breasts . She looked up at her face, still innocent looking, but now flushed. Both women were breathing hard, bathing in their mutual pleasure. Sarah moved her hand over Jasmine’s flat tummy and down to the girls still full pussy. She took Jasmine's hand in hers and gently pulled the dildo out. She moved to look at it withdraw, covered in Jasmine’s arousal. She brought it up to her lips and while Jasmine watched, almost paralyzed by her last orgasm, licked the toy slowly. Sarah leaned in and started to kiss Jasmine. The younger woman could taste herself as she welcomed the kiss. They kissed and held one another for a little while before Sarah slowly untangled herself and stood in front of Jasmine. It was the first time Jasmine had really appreciated her naked. She was quite tall and slim, her small breasts firm with her erect nipples prominent. Her bald pussy was slightly swollen and visibly wet. Sarah bent down and picked up the strap on. “Would you like me to use this Jasmine?” she said, with a slightly wicked smile. Jasmine nodded innocently. “Mmm good girl,” she replied softly. Sarah grasped the strap on tightly and made Jasmine watch as she secured it against her. The shaft was a deep blue, about nine inches long and a reasonable girth. Sarah squeezed lube on the fresh rubber, running her hands down the shaft as she did. Jasmine watched, trembling with anticipation as Sarah approached her with it. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted this, how much she needed it. Gently, Sarah pushed the head of the strap on against the younger woman's tight pussy, easing the girth into her. She watched as Jasmine sharply drew in breath once again being stretched and filled to capacity. Sarah looked deeply and lovingly into her eyes as she began to thrust it in and out, gradually building force as Jasmine began to relax and take it. “Mmm is that good my naughty little play thing?” Sarah asked teasingly. “Yes,” Jasmine moaned. “You want both of these naughty little holes filled don’t you?” Sarah asked rhetorically, while reaching round and touching Jasmine’s rose bud, knowing she wouldn’t give her an option either way. Jasmine bit her lip and nodded coyly. After withdrawing the strap on, Sarah turned Jasmine onto all fours and placed three soft hotel pillows under the young girls chest to help her support herself. Jasmine's ass was high in the air, her swollen pussy and already lubricated ass exposed and begging to be adored. Sarah took out the little butt plug. Neither women had used one before. The metal was smooth and felt cold against Jasmine’s ass. She felt Sarah apply pressure against her tight opening with it. Relaxing, she gasped as she felt it enter, her anus stretching round the foreign object. The fullness only continued as she once again felt the head of Sarah’s strap on pushing into her twat. “Fuck,” she screamed as she felt both her holes being filled. People passing in the corridor could now clearly hear the moans and screams as Jasmine, on all fours, was double penetrated by her older mistress. This only encouraged Sarah thrust the strap on harder and harder into Jasmine’s wetness, each time her pelvis pushing against the little bulging end of the butt plug, which served to both press against Sarah’s clit and push the plug deeper into Jasmine. As the strap on glided into her salmon pink hole, Jasmine could only think about the intense feeling from both instruments. Sarah’s hands moved from the young girl’s hips and slid them up her perfectly arched spine. She placed one hand on Jasmine’s shoulder and the other reached around and cupped her delicate breast as she thrust the silicone shaft into her delightful pussy. Rubbing her thumb across Jasmine’s nipple, Sarah pushed Jasmine down and started to fuck harder and make her moan louder. Each moan and gasp that Jasmine took was like music to Sarah’s ears. They were accompanied by the soft wet slapping of skin and the odd chatter from other visitors listening outside the door. “I’m cumming,” Jasmine screamed Sarah immediately pulled Jasmine’s head back and began to kiss her cheek as she continued to thrust her plastic cock into Jasmine’s soaking twat. The women hummed together as Jasmine’s orgasm shook her body and sent shivers down her spine. Within a matter of moments, Jasmine’s orgasm came crashing to an end and Sarah released her to fall into the soft bed. Quickly, Sarah pulled the plug from the young girl’s ass, letting the hole tighten back up. Feeling relieved, Jasmine turned over and faced her lover. She watched Sarah whilst playing with her aching body. With a gleam in her eye, Sarah placed the plug underneath her body and lowered her ass onto it. Jasmine’s eyes widened as she saw the toy disappear into her older mistress’ body. “Come here,” Sarah commanded. Jasmine complied with no hesitation. She knelt up and their eyes locked. The tip of the plastic cock rubbed against Jasmine’s pussy as Sarah placed the young girl’s hands on the belt. “Take it off,” Sarah ordered as Jasmine’s fingers fiddled with the straps. Again, the young woman followed the command, allowing the strap-on to fall onto the bed between them. Sarah flung herself at Jasmine and began to kiss her passionately once again as she fell onto her back. Their erect nipples rubbed against each other and for a few moments they were whisked away from the hotel room and into their own little world of passion and lust. A few minutes later, they returned to reality and with one more spark of sexual prowess, Sarah leaned back with her legs wide open. Her pussy was moist with some of the juice smeared on her bare skin. She quickly pulled Jasmine’s legs closer to hers and allowed her sex to touch hers for the first time. She began to make a circular motion with her hips, grinding her twat on Jasmine’s. Yet again, moans started to leave Jasmine’s mouth but this time, they were accompanied by Sarah’s. Jasmine began to mirror the more experienced woman and in time, they were both grinding and rubbing their tight pussies on one another. This continued for what seemed an eternity before finally, Sarah began to feel hot and flushed. Her body tightened and her orgasm built. At the same time, Jasmine was experiencing what was to be her last climax of the night. Both women took deep breaths as their hips carried on circling and their cum started to flood their twats. Their juices were now beginning to coat the other’s lower lips and just as quickly, they were left there, panting. As her body calmed, Sarah moved her body so that her head was on the pillows and she watched the young waitress. Her hand stroked Jasmine’s chest, feeling the soft, tender skin of her breasts before moving to her cheek. An outstretched finger touched her delicately before they shared one final kiss.

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